Airport Express bus shutting down

Your Humble Correspondent does not know quite what to make of this, but it is an interesting data point: the Airport Express bus that runs between Union and Pearson will be shutting down this fall because it can’t make a profit.

The bus costs about the same ($27) as the train will.

That’s where the similarities end. Metrolinx says the UP Express will get 3 million riders a year even though the bus gets fewer than 200,000. A year.

According to The Star, construction has wreaked havoc on the bus scheduling and speed. But even at its peak, the bus only carried 400,000 people. And the bus would stop at many downtown hotels, meaning its riders would not have to catch a cab or haul luggage through slush from Union Station.

Metrolinx and the Liberal party long refused to release a business case for the UP Express. SNC Lavelin backed out of the partnership for fear of losing their shirts. The Auditor General has also been critical of Metrolinx’ plans for the UP Express.

YHC is a perverse man: Though the UP Express will cost zillions, and though it has long been a pain in our wonderful town, and though it will serve no discernable purpose, YHC has long been depressed that its completion will deprive him of material for this site. Though he is not bright, he brightened today at the thought that he will likely have years of—dare I say it?—slow-motion train-wrecks to provide him material.


Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

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  1. You’re right. It’s nuts, as well as burning up money and creating noise and dust and traffic standstills on Weston Rd., polluting the air and enraging drivers. The diesel trains will do much of the same.

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