Alan Tonks’ Salary

There is an uproar on Parliament Hill about transparency. It’s not the Afghan detainee scandal: it’s a screaming match about MP’s expenses.

Almost no MPs want their expenses to be transparent, but all parties want to appear transparent. The Conservatives are calling for more debate about MP’s expenditures, but won’t release the actual data. The Liberals this week released their member’s expenses to show the Conservatives up—never mind that the data are exactly the same as were released in the annual House of Commons report—and exactly as paltry.

Alan Tonks

According to the report, Alan Tonks’ office costs taxpayers about $575,000 a year. His office expenditures are $423,035, and the base salary for an MP is $155,400.

Tonks’ expenses do not compare favourably with his colleagues. The Prime Minister’s expenses are only 60% of Tonks’. Stephane Dion’s expenses are 20% less.

Tonks’ leader, Michael Ignatieff, spends only 13% more than Tonks does, as does Gilles Duceppe, the BQ leader. Jack Layton spends 30% more.

Constituents and taxpayers should be concerned with the expenses of a back-bench MP who spends like a leader. Unfortunately, until MPs reveal more detail, we won’t know whether Tonks’ expenditures were justified. His secrecy does not lend confidence.

Other Liberal MPs have released their expenses. Tonks should do the same. He has little to lose and much to gain.

My data, in OpenOffice format: Tonks’ expenses

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

One thought on “Alan Tonks’ Salary”

  1. This issue illustrates the sense of entitlement that most elected officials (especially those career politicians like Alan Tonks who’ve spent decades in political office) have with expense accounts and public monies.

    At every level of government stories of politicians spending like drunken sailors persist. Any spending of public funds should be of public record. Where is this money going to? I’m not sure if I’ve seen the value of this $423K in our community. Besides the quarterly propaganda flyers from Tonks and the odd add in The Guardian promoting some picnic, how are these funds serving our community? Hopefully its not being spent on limo rides and business dinners.

    Bottom line is that Tonks will be our MP as long as he wants to. I can never remember him losing any elections at any level and with the political legacy his family has, he ain’t going anywhere.

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