Alan Tonks’ son responds to election loss

A reader has sent in an interesting, sad, and bitter letter to the Toronto Star by Alan Tonks’ son, Matthew Tonks. Alan Tonks was, of course, defeated in the recent election by the NDP candidate, Mike Sullivan. In the letter, Matthew Tonks says,

… First off, I am baffled at the way the federal “orange wave” was able to triumph over strong experienced leadership. I have worked hard every single day throughout this campaign and so has my father to outline that he is the best candidate to represent York South-Weston amidst the chaos that gripped our country for the past six years. I am baffled at how our electorate has chosen a candidate in York South-Weston that would use such a negative campaign to win. Even when his back was against the wall, our Liberal candidate would never use that kind of politics because, to him, it has no place in politics. Simply put, the electorate got what it wanted tonight and it defeated an individual that wanted to continue to contribute to his community. … We will give the NDP the next four years to demonstrate its ability to contribute to this community. In four years, I will still be here … to take them to account. That is our democratic process … I just hope the people understand what they have voted for.

That Tonks is doubly baffled reflects quite poorly on him; it shows that Tonks and his campaign were out of touch with the people of his riding. That alone was a good reason to not re-elect him.

It is more disappointing, though, that Tonks maligns the electorate, insinuating that they are stupid by saying the people do not ‘understand’ what they have voted for. Those very same people, after all, voted for Tonks in the last elections. Were they as stupid then?

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

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  1. Sore loser. In 2000 Tonks was considered a “star” candidate brought in to defeat independent Nunizata. He did that be I don’t recall him being a senior cabinet minister in Chretien or Martin govts like Art Eggleton. I wonder what his relationship with Lib party. He did voted against the party many times like gay marriage. I think Tonks could least count on sheep voters to just put him back in. Looking back I think he lead a lazy campaign. He had old signs with old Lib logos. (Even Joe Volpe had new signs.) Even some of older neighbours I know who always voted Lib finally changed votes. Libs could have had a chance with different candidate. Anyway Sullivan & NDP had very good campgain & it pay off.Report

  2. Alan Tonks’s bafflement at the workings of the democratic process casts an unfavourable light on him as our democratically elected Board of Education representatve. Democracy is fine as long as you get the right answer sounds odd and also, given our mayor’s and Prime Minister’s recent actions, oddly familiar.

    I think we need to do better if this is an example of the leadership we can expect in an area as crucial as education.Report

  3. I’m perplexed by the accusations of negativity. Mike Sullivan ran an exemplary campaign.
    I wonder if young Mr. Tonks is thinking of putting his own name forward in the next election.Report

  4. i hear alot of claims, but no examples and factual evidence is given.

    by the way, alan tonks can still contribute to the community. you don’t have to be a political representative to do that. in fact, whether he just picks up & walks away or still contributes as a regular citizen will show if he is a man motivated by a pay cheque or a deep passion for the area he represented.Report

  5. This election was not about a Liberal vs NDP. But rather a star performer (Mr.Sullivan) vs a vegatable (Mr.Tonks). The community finally realized how irrelevant Mr. Tonks has been.Report

  6. I was one of the people who saw the letter to the Star as well and below is what I sent to Chris Tonks to pass along to his brother. To date, there has been no response (1 week). I was infuriated upon seeing Matthew’s letter.

    “First of all, please advise your brother that writing on the Star blog the night of the results as he did only proves what a sore loser he is and peripherally, your dad. I understand that your dad still has not called Mike to congratulate him — that’s really petty. As a person who voted for your dad twice since living in YS-W, I think I have the privilege of saying so. Also as a person who interviewed him as a university student while he was Mayor. And as a person who always considered your dad to be a gentleman and a nice person. I have now changed my opinion after this last election. His actions and your brother’s have only confirmed why I, and others, obviously feel that Mike is the better person NOW to represent us in Ottawa.

    I don’t need to give you a list of where people feel like your father failed them but the big one is the Air Rail Link, as you well know. That is why Mike decided to run in the first place. To keep vital information from the community you represent until it is found out is reprehensible. What if Mike and others hadn’t found this out? We would already be cut in two without so much as a shrug from your dad. Writing letters isn’t enough — he should have told David Collenette he was wrong to do this project in this manner which would affect this many people. What did your dad do? Nothing until pressured by the community to speak up and even then it was lackluster and ineffectual. But he took credit for being vocal and fighting for the community. We don’t have trains running already because of the hard work that Mike did and will continue to do along with the residents who believe this is wrong, two of whom also won their seats for the same reasons. As I said in to the Toronto Star, a general leads his troops into battle not sit on the sidelines and then take credit for the win. We don’t live in medieval England where the serfs fought the battles and the Lords reaped the winnings, titles and land.

    Matthew’s accusation of ‘negative campaigning’ is factually wrong. Mike doesn’t work like that. I can say that honestly because I have worked with him for over 6 years and he always takes the high road. In fact, there are times where we would like him to be more forceful and forthright about what others have done or not done and go on the ‘attack’. But, he speaks about facts, not fiction, right not might. The ‘orange wave’ that Matthew talks about came about because the electorate wanted change. It was the same all the way down the tracks — none of the Liberal candidates seemed to want to help their constituents fight this wrong, only fight what they perceived to be as an NDP front. Again factually wrong. That is why the other two lost as well. The Liberals couldn’t fight on fact so they made up fiction instead. Matthew should recognize that and deal with it like an adult, not a petulant child who didn’t get his way in the sandbox. His comments were pathetic and that he posted them for all your dad’s former constituents to see, is sad.

    If anyone did negative campaigning, it was your dad’s camp from where I sit. There were people who told me that they heard ‘Mike wasn’t very bright’ or ‘Mike never answers the question’ or ‘Mike just wastes others’ time when debating’. And we all heard about the birthday cake — he is 68 not 63 right? Or did the bakery just make a mistake? Isn’t that a little misleading or was it just a joke? People in your camp should also be careful about what is said about others or about communities when they think no one is listening. I overheard your dad a couple of years ago, at an event, speaking to two others and saying that he was so tired of hearing about the train issue and wished it would just go away already. None of them noticed that I was standing right beside them when he said it. Hmmm…. so if that is what he says in public when he thinks no one is listening, I can imagine what is said in private circles! And moving out of the community gives a really strong sense of antipathy and even hostility towards the communities that he wants to ‘serve’ — we are good enough to hire him but not good enough to live among? Not who I want representing me or my business.

    People wanted change. They chose Mike. Deal with it, move on and be thankful for his over 30 years of being a public servant, receiving all those pensions and just enjoy the family. Your brother, with his words, basically said that we are all delusional idiots who don’t know what they have done. Your dad could have retired at the last election as requested by the Party so that Gerard could run here. He got another kick at the can, didn’t do much for the community in those 2 years, in my view, and now we have voted for change. As I posted in another blog, thank you Alan for your years of service and may you have a pleasant retirement enjoying your family and friends. And good to know who will be running against Mike in the next election! Wish Matthew all the luck — he will need it!”


    Suri Weinberg-LinskyReport

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