Alan Tonks Votes Republican

Alan Tonks seems to be voting more and more with the right wing of the Tory Party these days. According to, he recently voted to oppose a private member’s bill seeking to add ‘gender identity’ and ‘gender expression’ to the Canada Human Rights Act and the Criminal Code’s hate crimes section. Tonks wasn’t alone; six of his liberal colleagues voted the same way. In spite of Mr. Tonks, the House of Commons passed the bill anyway. The addition to the legislation squeaked through largely thanks to six Tory MPs (including four cabinet ministers) who voted for the bill, designed to prevent discrimination against transgendered individuals.

Perhaps Mr. Tonks would do well to start worrying about bringing some jobs to Weston rather than aligning with the Tea Party North.

2 thoughts on “Alan Tonks Votes Republican”

  1. Thanks for info. I never voted him I hope loses next election. But mainstream media seems to never report anything going here in York South riding campaign.

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