Albanese breaks ranks with Grits

Laura Albanese broke ranks with the Liberal party to vote to electrify the Union Pearson Express.

Albanese was one of three Liberals to do so. One Conservative voted in favour of the bill, which was otherwise supported only by the NDP. All other Conservatives and Liberals voted against Bill 84.


Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

5 thoughts on “Albanese breaks ranks with Grits”

  1. Laura voted the way she did simply to appear as being on side with the community. She knew her party was going to vote against the vote….vote the liberals out…..Report

  2. Laura Albanese breaks ranks with Grits. Big deal!

    Bill 84 was defeated because Ms. Albanese obviously didn’t lobby her fellow Liberal MPPs enough on this very serious issue. Ms. Albanese has had too many years now to fight for her constituents. Of course she broke rank and voted for Bill 84. She had to. Her job and a Liberal seat in the Ontario Legislature was and is at stake. Last election Ms. Albanese (Liberals) won by a very small percentage. A provincial NDP – MPP would represent us much better. Look what Mike Sullivan (NDP – Federal) has done. He literally saved the Weston Go Station. He also got the trains to stop in Weston. The Liberals weren’t even going to have a stop in Weston. Mike has worked very hard to keep his constituents informed of what the Provincial Government was up to. Ms. Albanese should not take any credit for someone else’s work!

    Clean Trains Bill 84 was and still is a very important issue!!! It’s my understanding that Kathleen Wynn and Tim Hudak didn’t vote? Why not? Where were they? They don’t care?

    Shame on all the “Nays”. The Liberals and the Tories let us down. They have shown a great disregard for the health of each and every person living or working along this railway corridor, and for the environment. They have also shown a disregard to all the ratepayers of Ontario, who will have to pay far more in the future if the UP Express rail line is ever electrified.

    Don’t trust this Liberal Government. Let’s remember all the Liberal boondoggles; SNC Lavalin – affiliated with Gadafi and a CEO sitting now in a Swiss jail, the Blue 22 fiasco, Metrolinx fiasco, 2 week long 2015 Pan Am Games (there’s trouble brewing here, we might get a Pan Ama Canal instead!), and a $1.5B relocation fee for two gas electric generating stations. Then there’s that $3B e-health mystery, Dr. Mazza and his ill-fitted ORNGE helicopters. Dr. Mazza’s $9M salary and now Mazza is suing for $1M, and the unwanted noisy wind turbines. Add this to the recently defeated train electrification Bill 84, and now we have at least four crucial wealth before health fiascos that the Liberals have cooked up in their deadly brew. In addition, just recently, 3 highly over-paid OPG CEOs’ have been fired. This Liberal created mess goes on and on. Oh, and then there was Mr. Dalton McGuinty’s disappearing act. He prorogued parliament to avoid issues, and shortly after, he abandoned his ship like a rat.

    As a long time concerned resident of Weston, I have no reason to be thankful for Ms. Albenese’s small gesture vote. We have to get rid of the Liberals. We can’t give up. We have to continue fighting for CLEAN AIR, for a CLEAN ENVIRONMENT and a CLEAN GOVERNMENT.

    Mrs. T. – WestonReport

  3. Well said, Mrs. T! Albanese’s service to the Weston community is a total joke, much like her entire party is to the province of Ontario. York-South Weston needs a leader, not a follower – someone who knows the difference between right and wrong and who has the optimism and drive and desire! to make improvements that actually count for something here instead of those that serve her ego and her bank account. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out Laura – and you can take nunziata with you.Report

  4. I’d like to remind you all that two years in a row, Horwath didn’t so much as mention electrification in her Budget bargaining, so you can trash Albanese all you want, but the fact is, electrification is not an ‘official’ priority for the NDP.Report

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