Albanese explains why she didn’t sign letter to Premier

A couple of weeks ago, local politicians sent a letter to Premier McGuinty chiding him for allowing a diesel Air Rail Link and asking him meet with the affected communities. Mike Sullivan and Frances Nunziata both signed it. Laura Albanese, however, did not.

I asked Ms Albanese to explain why she did not sign the letter; she replied that the letter had been sent to her with little time to respond:

My office was contacted by MPP Jonah Schein one day before the letter was to be sent out, with all the signatures of the other officials already attached, which I feel did not give me very much time to speak with the other representatives to express my concerns on this matter. I felt that parts of the letter were not accurate, and although some changes were made to the letter before it was sent in its final form, I could not in good conscience sign the letter on MPP Schein’s timeline as it was presented.

She says that she will support Jonah Schein’s bill to electrify the Air Rail Link, however, though “MPP Schein needs to recognize that significant progress has been made toward our collective end goal of electrification.”

You can read the entire letter.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

3 thoughts on “Albanese explains why she didn’t sign letter to Premier”

  1. Having read the letter, it is straight forward and to the point. The electriciation issue is of major imortance to the members of her riding. Shame on you Laura Albanese, for refusing to sign.

  2. Laura being a good foot solider. The next election will come next year and hopefully she and Dalton are kick out.

  3. I just read the letter and it was pretty clear to me that she could of easily signed the letter. Her not signing the letter clearly indicates that she does not work for the voters, but rather listens and does what Dalton wants. Thanks for nothing Laura.

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