Albanese pitches bill to reduce WSIB contributions for construction

How much workers’ safety insurance should small construction companies pay? The Ontario government says that all companies—large and small—should pay the full WSIB premiums. Laura Albanese, our MPP, says that some small operators should pay less.

Albanese put a private member’s bill in the legislature last week that will reduce the WSIB premiums that small construction companies pay. Her bill is in response to a reform of the WSIB system that will make independent operators, sole proprietors, partners and executives pay the same premiums as large companies.

Albanese’s bill would reduce the amount. Small companies would pay only 1/3 of what workers in large companies pay. This will, the Homebuilders’ Association says, make small, law-abiding companies more competitive with under-the-table, cash companies.


Author: Adam Norman

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One thought on “Albanese pitches bill to reduce WSIB contributions for construction”

  1. As we continue to see over and over again politicians continually introducing bill after bill to get their names out in the media. A little history lesson of sorts. Bills to deal with the WSIB over the last couple of years. Bill 87 introduced by MPP hillier, died when parliament was prorogued, bill 17 again introduced by hillier has sat on the floor since February of 2013. Now we see this new one it may move forward and shouldn’t no one should be forced to pay into this corrupt fraudulent mismanaged system.
    If any politician wants to do something that has moral fortitude, launch an investigation into the mismanagement of the WSIB system. That is what is actually need here. They can put bandaids on the issue but this issue is like putting a bandaid over Niagara Falls. Political parties fear the issue. They all have the same issue, how do we fix this system, how do we deal with the continual ballooning of the unfunded liability. The task is massive, they know the system is out of control and do not want to be the party that try’s to fix this immoral system. They know and fear the magnitude of the debt, to dismantle or repair this system will be burdened on the taxpayer.
    After reading hundreds if not thousands of articles even mainstream media postings dealing with all kinds of reported issues in dealing with the WSIB. The deplorable actions this quasi government organization has taken against citizens. For example the situation depicted at and the stories related to suicides allegedly caused by WSIB. I ask these politicians what is the value of a persons life. How many people’s lives will be destroyed before someone deals with this wayward institution.

    Sean Keane

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