Albanese responds to muggings

Laura Albanese, our MP, sent me an email last week about the recent rash of muggings in Weston. In it, she explains the work the province is doing to reduce crime and violence in Weston and the province.

Albanese identifies four ways in which the province has been trying to reduce crime:

  • Funding more police in Weston
  • Supporting crime prevention
  • Getting people back to school
  • Developing recreation programs

Ms Albanese says that the Toronto Anti Violence Intervention Strategy (TAVIS) has put “about 30 more officers on our streets this summer at Weston and Lawrence.”  The program, she says, will also create a “stronger, more trusting relationship between law enforcement and our neighbourhoods.”

Crime Prevention
The province has funded several organizations in York South – Weston, Albanese says, including Frontlines, UrbanArts, Guidance of Somali Canadian Youth, and Young and Potential Fathers.  Crime prevention, she says, is a “key element of the government’s plan”.

Getting people back to school
Ontario is trying, she says, to keep kids in Weston high schools by creating the Specialist High Skills Majors program, which allows young people to do practical work of interest to them while getting their diploma. Weston CI, Chaminade, and George Harvey CI all have the program. The province, she says, is also trying to help families better make the transition from high school to college and university.

Developing recreation programs
Ms Albanese says that the province “has made substantial investments in local infrastructure”, including renovation of the Smythe Outdoor Pool, playground improvements at Pelmo and Pellatt Parks playgrounds and the FIFA standard soccer field at Weston Lions Park.

Mike Sullivan’s office has said that he will respond to our questions about the recent muggings in Weston when he returns from Ottawa. Your humble reporter has not heard back from the Toronto Police.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

3 thoughts on “Albanese responds to muggings”

  1. I think that giving kids a place to go and a better chance at a good education is commendable. Thanks to all of you at Weston Web for asking our representatives to share their work and opinions with us.

  2. Well if our MP, MPP and Councillor all agree that keeping the children off the streets and occupied in worth while programs is a good idea, why don’t we have a recreation center in Weston to house the worthwhile programs that children need to keep them off the streets and out of trouble?

    And for heavens sake please do not point out that a rec complex is being built at Black Creek and Eglinton because (a) it’s not in OUR community and (b) disadvantaged, poor residents of this community will not be able to afford to send their children to that facility by TTC. The economics alone will outweigh and opportunity for them to attend a rec complex that far away.

    Thankfully TAVIS has been further supported by the Provincial government, because without that funding I believe the initiative would be in danger of being eliminated from the City of Toronto Police budget. Like every other budget the Police budget is looking for areas to cut costs and the Chief already admitted that they did not have enough funds to continue the program indefinitely.

  3. I think it’s great that I see cops of 4 or 5 riding their bikes on Weston streets even saw them riding down Church St too. I didn’t know it was funded by prov govt. I say it’s about time too!

    Anyway I heard rumors especially during the fed election that George Brown wanted to open a campus here in Weston in King St building? If that happens that would be a very good improvement. It might be like that little campus Seneca has up Jane & Finch. I took computer courses up there once. That would be great if that happen.

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