Albanese says NDP ads are paid for by taxpayer money

The provincial election campaign has just taken a very nasty turn in York South-Weston. If the allegations being bandied about are correct, our federal MP, Mike Sullivan, is spending taxpayer money to elect his provincial NDP counterpart and friend, Paul Ferreira.

Judy Sgro, a Liberal MP, says that she got a “Ten Percenter” in the mail last week from Mike Sullivan, our MP. “Ten Percenters” are mailings to constituents that MPs send out now and then. They are paid for by the taxpayer, not the MP.

Sgro says the letter she got was a partisan ad for the NDP’s Paul Ferreira—and federal MPs are prohibited from spending taxpayer money to meddle in provincial elections. She says the mailer contained “the NDP logo and a large photograph of the local NDP candidate [Paul Ferreira and]…. partisan phrases and campaign promises taken directly from the Provincial NDP platform document.” Laura Albanese calls this a “shocking misuse of federal taxpayers money”[sic] on her election site.

Sgro says that Sullivan is trying to sidestep provincial election financing rules and give the NDP more advertising, “courtesy of the taxpayers of Canada”.

Speaking to the Globe and Mail,

Mr. Sullivan said she’s got it all wrong – there’s a photo of York South-Weston NDP candidates Paul Ferreira in the flyer, but it’s only because he’s a constituent who happened to be in a group photo.

This is disingenuous. Sullivan is close with Ferreira. Mike Sullivan came by my house, in fact, campaigning for him, and Ferreira worked on Mike Sullivan’s campaign last year in turn. They shared a campaign office, too. Whatever role Ferreira was serving at the time of the photo, he certainly didn’t ‘happen’ to be in the photo.

Sullivan also said, “I certainly didn’t wade into any provincial matters. I really can’t think of what she’s talking about.”

Your humble correspondent doesn’t have a copy of the flyer Sullivan sent out. If one of you does, would you send a photo of it in?



Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

30 thoughts on “Albanese says NDP ads are paid for by taxpayer money”

  1. I do remember a newsletter send out by Sullivan maybe in the spring in my mailbox..I don’t remember what was on it. Threw it out right away. Even if this happen it’s not big deal. Someone in comments in that G&M article said even Flahery is using MP resources to elect his wife in Oshawa! They all the same Libs NDP Cons, when there’s free money they will take it. So Albasne taking advantage of situation calling it “shocking” lol This riding will be interesting to watch on Oct 6!

  2. Is that the same as Frances Nunziata spending every possible minute with Albanese including when she should be at City Hall? Are we not paying for Nunziata to be a Councillor and represent ALL constituents not just those who vote Red? Seems awfully disingenuous to complain about Sullivan using Fed money on a 10%-er when Sgro has been out campaigning for Albanese as well. Or when School Trustees from all three levels put out a statement endorsing Albanese when they technically should be non-partisan. The debate at York Memo last week specifically stated that it was non-partisan but I guess that was only lip-service…

  3. Laura Albanese was featured in a Canada Day 2007 photo that was in then MP Alan Tonks flyer prior to her being elected. This was while she was campaigning against Paul who was then MPP. To make matters worse, Paul was in the same photo op, but had been cut out for the Tonks mailing. For Albanese or Sgro to be outraged is hyporcritical.

  4. Of course, the Liberals or Fiberals can do whatever they want and think nobody remembers. Maybe Judy Sgro should take a page out of her own playbook and remember the brouhaha over her apartment in Ottawa … not 100% above board from what I understand.

    Too bad Albanese is taking pointers from two women who are snickered at behind their backs… nice lady but not so bright it seems if Sgro and Nunziata are her mentors. Or does that mean she wants to emulate them? If so, that’s pretty scary. Next she’ll be calling people liars, fucking asshole and bastards in public.

  5. Is this a joke?
    You have Nunziata campaigning with Laura everyday, even while council meetings are happening.
    You have Laura who sends out literature paid by taxpayers full of lies. The ARL is not going to be electrified.
    Sounds to me like Laura Albanese is running scared.

  6. “Too bad Albanese is taking pointers from two women who are snickered at behind their backs… nice lady but not so bright it seems if Sgro and Nunziata are her mentors. Or does that mean she wants to emulate them? If so, that’s pretty scary. Next she’ll be calling people liars, fucking asshole and bastards in public.”
    Inquiring Mind

    27 Sep 11 at 5:03 pm

    Laura Albanese should explain to the voters her close political or personal relationship with Francess Nunziata,John Nunziata, and Judy Sgro.

    Laura should know that we are the product of our environment and our character is shaped not only by our family values but also the company we keep.

    I wish all the applicants for the job of MPP good luck.

    May the best skilled person be selected to represent the interests of York South Weston at Queens Park.

    Only by voting we can hire the best skilled candidate.

    Joe Renda

    York South Weston Resident and VOTER.

  7. The Tonks newsletter was not in the middle of a campaign. Sullivan is directly using his resources in the MIDDLE OF AN ELECTION!! What Tonks did is not against the rules, what Sullivan has done is against the rules. That’s the issue. Will Ferreira and the NDP add the costs into their campaign spending, the only honourable thing to do? Stop throwing dirt on others who have a right to support who they want but do it inside the rules.

  8. That’s a little rich, PattyCake! Albanese was already being flogged as the candidate by then, so be a little more honest in your outrage. When the Liberals (Fiberals) do something outrageous, everyone shrugs and says with a smile, oh well. When the other parties do it, the Liberals are full of indignation and outrage.

    Nobody other than Ms. Sgro is throwing dirt at a candidate that is giving her horse a run for her money. Those who live in glass houses…. should run for cover when the glass starts to fly.

    And when the trains start running through the community and you cannot walk in your neighbourhood lest you choke to death, don’t complain. You had that right during the last 4 years and this campaign! No Blue 22 my ass… a diesel train by any other name is still stinky and noisy. Of course, Albanese and Sgro live almost far enough away that they won’t be bothered by them! Too bad, so sad…

  9. Glad you came clean that you have a specific issue and complaint that is including your view. That’s fair. But my comment relates only to the fact that Mike Sullivan broke the rules in a shameless attempt DURING THE ELECTION to influence provincial voters. And the same material in a ten per center and then a householder sent in the same week? Clearly meant to impact his constituents. So stop talking about everyone else in an attempt to cover for Mike Sullivan.

  10. Based on your strong comments, you must be closely connected to Albanese’s campaign team. Most regular constituents would see consistency between the Provincial and Federal NDP… if it was noticed at all.

    Shameless or not in your opinion, in my opinion and observation of living here for over 15 years, the Liberals have pulled many stunts over the years like ripping down opponents signs, making flagrant comments about a candidate’s personal life and other such things which detract from the real concerns. I am more interested in the REAL issues in the riding like jobs, the ARL and bringing our community back to life rather than petty-ante stick-poking about something that all parties have done in their time. We have serious problems in YS-W — too bad more time is spent on bad-mouthing the other side instead of doing real work. I have never once seen Paul or Mike take a swing at the Liberal opponent except during a debate when discussing the record. They have more class I guess…

  11. Sorry, one more comment:

    I have no time for any politician who misuses funds from any political party but I do find it quite telling that they have to bring in the likes of Judy Sgro to guide Albanese along in this election. Last election, she had the Sorbara team behind her to ensure she got elected. This time, they have pulled another “politician for life” out of the hat to push her along. Can’t Albanese do for herself? And why is her team so afraid to let the debates finish appropriately? They seem to push all the buttons but don’t like the results!! It’s not the general public who have caused the ruckus at the debates I have been at but her own team including her husband and daughter. They need to be on leashes they are so distracting and rude. Someone should teach them the etiquette of NOT walking in front of debaters and interrupting moderator as well as not taking pictures when asked.

    I agree with Mr. Renda — what is her relationship with Sgro and the Nunziata’s?

  12. Inquiring Mind – from your strong comments, you must be involved with the NDP campaign (where they allow Ferreira’s campaign manager who works for Sullivan to pretend he is a local voter and ask questions at All Candidate meetings).

    The records of Judy Sgro and Frances Nunziata stand for themselves.

    I believe were the one who mentioned Nunziata canvassing and missing Council meetings. You need to check your facts. Nunziata is the Speaker and must attend all meetings. Check the footage before you comment further – I think you’ll find she’s in her Chair at all times. And she’s been re-elected for at least the last 20 years so clearly the voters of Toronto have faith in her.

    Judy Sgro has an equally impressive record.
    You mentioned her housing issue – are you saying two wrongs somehow make a right? The issue is that Mike Sullivan, elected on the coattails of Jack Layton (who I think would take considerable exception to your reference to “politician to life”), has used taxpayers money and broken the rules.

    Stick to the issue. Mike Sullivan abused his role as an MP and he should own up.

  13. Nunziata should have been in the Council Chambers the night of the Chaminade or ‘Shaminade’ debate, like other Councillors were, listening to constituents instead of being disrespectful and laughing at attendees of the debate. Or calling people liars in public like at another debate. Or were you not at that one? Same one where Albanese’s husband was escorted out. As for Ferreira’s campaign manager, I wasn’t aware that he was working for our MP other than that he was his campaign manager earlier this year – that is news to me. So I am not so ‘in the know’ as you would like to think. I support Paul because I have seen him in action and like what I see not because I am a hardcore ‘dipper’.

    and just an FYI: in the past, I have voted for John Nunziata, Frances Nunziata, Alan Tonks and Joe Cordiano. Once I realized they weren’t on top of this vital issue and someone else was, I decided to back a different horse. I don’t carry an NDP card, would vote Conservative if I felt the person was the right person for this community. I am a fiscally conservative capitalist with a social conscience. This is how I was raised — I don’t just vote the same every election because my parents or grandparents did and by not knowing the issues. I don’t feel that Albanese has done her best for this community on this subject – far from it. I don’t consider taking credit for others’ work being impressive. Nor lying about it on an election flyer along with other things she took credit for.

    YOU must be awfully close with all the parties to be so impressively loyal. I watch my Councillor’s actions very carefully and when she does good, she hears it from me. When I don’t agree with her actions, she knows it too. That is how a it’s supposed to work, not just blind loyalty because the party. Sgro is not my MP, so I have no comment on her other than what is in the public realm. She must be really happy though that her community is now the proud owner of a new hospital which is going to be taken away from my community. Great job Laura!

    And the issue is a spiteful one designed to malign a candidate(s) that you don’t like. Nuff said.

  14. Once again, you comment on everything but the issue at hand – Mike Sullivan’s misuse of federal taxpayers’ money in a blatant attempt to influence the provincial election. This is all getting pretty boring. Nuff said indeed.

  15. PattyCake, up until this issue, i’ve never seen you around here before. the fact that you’re making such an issue about this incident but you seem to not be bothered by the track record, lies, inactivity of our past liberal MP, MPP, current MPP, etc. really makes you seem like you’re working for the liberal party. deep down inside, you must know that sullivan has accomplished more for weston than cordiano, tonks & albanese combined and he did it as a community activist, not a politician. for you to chastise such a person for such a simple mistake of endorsing a provincial candidate during an election with public money really shows who you are working for. and for you to say that sullivan got elected on the coattails of layton really shows how out of touch you are with weston.

    yes, mike made a mistake but i’m not ready to abandon someone who took the initiative and did so much for the area. i used to vote liberal, i’ve voted for tonks, cordiano, many times. not for the candidates, but for the party. i’ve come to realize over the years though that liberals have been way too comfortable in YSW and i have lost faith in them. i was so happy when sullivan won and busted the area out of its predictable routine. the boat has been rocked and we elected someone who really cares and worked hard for us. weston is no longer in a relationship where sex is guaranteed and our political spouses know they don’t have to do anything for it. and i hope this october, we make that point clear again.

  16. “Nunziata should have been in the Council Chambers the night of the Chaminade or ‘Shaminade’ debate, like other Councillors were, listening to constituents instead of being disrespectful and laughing at attendees of the debate”Inquiring Mind

    29 Sep 11 at 3:00 pm

    This is true. I was present at chaminade. Mayor Rob/Doug Ford should deduct a portion of her pay for not being at work. Unless he does not believe this is not Gravy.

    Only by voting we can hire the best skilled candidate.

    Joe Renda

    York South Weston Resident and VOTER.

  17. I was at the Chaminade debate and was actually shocked to see Nunziata behaviour. I guess she was inspired to act out since she was in a hgh school. Too bad more were not there to see her behaviour.

  18. Excellent comments, Anon! And to Joe and westonlover too.

    I have never hid my admiration for Mike nor the work he has done for over 7 years in the community because without him, trains would already be running and the streets would be closed. And I did work on his campaign both times because of it. I even supported the Green Party in one election because I believed in the candidate running then. And I have supported Paul’s efforts over the years because he has proved to me that my vote counts to him and he wants the job. Not so with most others I have encountered.

    Mike and Paul have done more for this community over the past 7 years without even holding office than all our collective politicians have since the 1980’s. Who do think is to blame for the way Weston looks and feels? Not Mike and Paul. It’s the politicians from the past 25 years who have failed to see the decline and issues until they became so large that they could not be addressed without great effort. And that goes for MPs, MPPs, Councillors/Aldermen & Mayors. I am sure we are all ready for a change… it can’t be any worse! And, ironically, every elected official except for a minor blip when Paul was MPP in 2007, was/is a redder than red Liberal. Hmmmm…

  19. So boring now. Do you all deliver flyers together? I’d like to know Renda and Anon’s take on Mike Sullivan misuing taxpayers money. Funny how you are all working to deflect and avoid the real issue.

  20. pattycake, if you bothered to read my post, you would see my take on the issue. i believe he made an error by breaking a rule but he had the best interests of the community in mind. whether it was done by accident or on purpose is irrelevant to me. i don’t believe that his endorsement of ferriera was one out of political cronyism but rather related to community activism with regards to the air rail issue in weston. does mike want paul to win because his signs are orange? or because he sees it as an opportunity to elect a candidate to fight for weston in trying to get the air rail link electrified sooner rather than later?

    the rule that was broken was probably created with the intention to prevent elected officials from elevating candidates simply because of political affiliation or personal gains, instances which don’t have the community’s best interests in mind. i don’t think sullivan was acting in that spirit.

    but hey, rules are rules right? pick up your stone..

  21. I did read your post but I certainly appreciate the clarification around your forgiving nature, at least when it comes to NDP candidates and Mike Sullivan. But I have to say, I can forgive any fan of Monty Python :).

  22. Then 3 of us have common ground – Monty Python. Let he without sin cast the first stone! I think it’s a little rich when a politician starts acting all virtuous and full of umbrage when their own record shows a serious history of bad judgement. It’s not like people can’t find out that record either.

    I would have to agree with anon (of course, being the shill for the NDP according to you) — there are bigger things at play besides just the party affiliations. We have serious issues here. That is what Mike and Paul have both worked to fix for a very long time, mainly without recompense and with their own initiative – to make York South-Weston better. Not just because they wanted to be elected. I don’t see Laura setting up committees or organizations to fix the problems — it’s called reactive instead of proactive.

    And that is usually what the difference is between the 3 parties — reactive vs. proactive. In my humble experience and opinion, I prefer someone to see a problem and set about to fix it, not just wait for someone else to come up with the solution and then jump on the bandwagon. It’s called leading not following. Something that Alan Tonks also forgot along the way. Which is why he lost his seat to Mike.

    So as we creep towards the finish line, with your accusations of deflection, I will say that if a rule was broken, it has been broken many other times, I am sure. By all parties. It’s not a new thing. Yes, two wrongs don’t make a right as you posted earlier. However, I don’t believe the intent was there to break the rule. And that this is now a huge issue between us which is deflecting away from the real issues. But I guess that is what your cronies are hoping for — detract from the message of change and fixing the real problems. I hope that people who are still undecided will read these comments and realize that.

    And the parrot is not dead, it’s just sleeping! ;-D

  23. pattycake, “candidate”, not “candidates”. and the fact that mike is ndp has nothing to do with it. i’m not forgiving because he’s ndp but because he has done so much for the community. and because of that, i believe he’s the best person for the job. mike never got my support just because of party affiliation. i’d vote for mike even if he was a liberal and i would be just as forgiving. when i was in the voting booth, i didn’t vote for a party, i voted for a person. i will be doing that again in the next few days.

  24. This Article is from CBC News

    Liberal staffer quits over ‘smoke for votes’ comments
    CBC News Posted: Sep 30, 2011 12:44 PM ET Last Updated: Oct 1, 2011 9:38 AM ET Read 498 comments498 Accessibility Links
    Ontario Liberal Leader Dalton McGuinty called the comments made by a senior staff member ‘completely unacceptable,’ but said he did not ask her to step down. (Dave Chidley/Canadian Press)

    Modern Election Ethics

    Special Holland Giveawys of the week for votes!!!!!

    Pasta for Votes
    Pizza for Votes
    Pattie for Votes
    Cake for Votes

    The above contain no Integrity or Canadian Values.
    Macchiavellian decorations will be added for an extra vote.

    This special will last until October 6, 2011.

    After this date, Integrity and best practices will apply.

    Only by voting we can hire the best skilled candidate.

    Joe Renda

    York South Weston Resident and Voter.

    [This post was edited by Adam Norman to avoid a copyright compaint]

  25. So boring now. Do you all deliver flyers together? I’d like to know Renda and Anon’s take on Mike Sullivan misuing taxpayers money. Funny how you are all working to deflect and avoid the real issue.

    30 Sep 11 at 4:02 pm

    Dear PattyCake ( Hoping it is your real name )

    Be aware that I do not know Inquiring Mind, Anon nor you PattyCake. In liberally assuming that we all know each other and deliver flyers together, you are categorically wrong and it shows a lack of maturity. In preparing dream cake: you have used a contaminated Cake Mix and Macchiavellian ingredients. You have also been negligent and left the Cake in the oven too long, resulting in a burned cake and wasted electricity.

    Only by voting we can hire the best skilled candidate.

    Joe Renda

    York South Weston Resident and Voter.

  26. double snap, Joe!!!

    actually Joe, I have been an admirer of yours for a number of years. you are feisty, articulate and it’s really too bad you never got elected — you would have made a difference. we need more paesans like you!

  27. Thank you Inquiring Mind,

    Hope to meet you someday soon. If you notice me in community events please, say Hallo.

    Only by voting we can hire the best skilled candidate.

    Joe Renda

    York South Weston Resident and Voter.

  28. Snap? Double snap?? Seriously – I did not understand a word of Joe’s “cake” analogy (nor frankly the parrot). I am now officially bored and signing off – enjoy election day!!

  29. If you don’t understand the Monty Python parrot reference then I guess we don’t have the common ground and I’m not going to bother to explain. And if you have ‘cake’ in your pseudonym, Joe was being ironic and pretty witty. I guess it was over your head.

    Definitely looking forward to election day!

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