Albanese skips debate

Laura Albanese, the Liberal candidate, did not attend tonight’s televised all-candidates debate.

This is a startling turn in a very close race. Albanese also did not attend a debate earlier in the campaign. Tonight’s, however, is the only televised debate, and the only time many or most of her constituents will see the candidates outline their platforms and face criticism.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

6 thoughts on “Albanese skips debate”

  1. i hope she doesn’t win. if she does, we’re just encouraging that type of behaviour of indifference. we needed to stop enabling her type of politician years ago. if we did, our community could have gotten things it desperately needed. if the provincial liberals win this riding, we are screwed. we are basically saying that we are content with the sate of affairs in this area, that electrification of the air rail link is not important to us. and most importantly, we would be saying that our votes guaranteed, even if you make us choke on soot and ignore us. we have alot at stake here.

  2. what’s the point of a ‘debate’ when it’s Paul’s campaign manager asking the questions as it was at LEF and Chaminade?

  3. This debate showed brazen disregard of the democratic process.

    Albanese and her associates assume that we are sheep, and will vote blindly for whatever we’re told to vote for.

    Now that the Conservatives have eliminated the per-vote subsidy provided to political parties (and done it with equally brazen sneakiness — burying the single paragraph in a 600-page bill about growing the economy) winning elections will not depend on how many voters you can convince about the value of your ideas or platform but on how much rich and powerful support you have.

    It’s an end-run around the voters. This is what our new democracy looks like, and we’re seeing it first in Weston, through the diesel fumes and absentee politicians.

  4. Ms. Albanese’s disregard for YSW voters is disrespectful. How can we expect her to stand up for us at Queen’s Park when she cannot even debate the issues against one other person? I am very disappointed with her.

  5. Last night on Rogers Channel 10 only 2 applicants for the Job of MPP for York South Weston showed up to be intervied by a very professional Broadcaster with many years of experience. Residents phoned in their questions, there were no interruptions or insults from any quarters. I think that as a former broadcater, Laura Albanese would have been confortable in that setting. Her handlers do not think so. They must know something they are not telling the voters. The applicants that did not show up for the interview must be considered as not being interested for the job anymore. Therefore York South Weston voters ( Employers of MPP with their vote ) must select from only 2 applicants that showed up.

    Lan Daniel and Paul Ferreira.

    If you do not wish to be Dieselled after the election vote tomorrow to select a skilled MPP.

    Joe Renda
    York South Weston resident and voter

  6. From the answers that Daniel & Ferreira provided on the Channel 10 interview. It is clear that York South Weston needs to Hire Back Paul Ferreira.

    Tomorrow morning, I will be hiring Paul Ferreira by voting for him.

    I encourage everyone to go out and vote. Especially the first time voters.

    Joe Renda
    York South Resident and voter

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