Albanese to run again

In what must have been a formality, Laura Albanese was confirmed as the Liberal candidate for York South–Weston last week.

If the NDP does not support the budget on Thursday, there will soon be an election. Nobody has yet said that they will oppose Albanese; for decades, though, only the NDP has ever been a serious contender for the provincial seat.


Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

10 thoughts on “Albanese to run again”

  1. Good for you! Having the same old, same old is wearing very thin here. Albanese has done nothing to endear herself to her constituents and I hope we can resist her machine.

  2. I have a totally opposite view. I have found Laura and her office staff to be very helpful. They hepled me out on an issue where I was being shuffled around and no one would take accountability. I find her very personable and down to earth.

  3. I am not too impressed with Horwarth’s leadership. Because of our flawed electoral system, I think I m going have vote strategically that means if YSW votes to help prevent a Tim Hudak majority. That means voting for party instead of local candidate.

  4. How can the ndp vote against the budget that was brought down today? Liberals are putting the squeeze to horvath with this budget. I think this riding stays red. Please no hudak.

  5. Well it’s official Horwarth rejected the budget. Even though Albanese and Libs screwed up big with Metrolinx/GO/Airlink construction, I’m going have hold my nose and vote Lib to prevent Hudak majority.

  6. Thats too bad. Budget hit all the right notes. I was watching Horvaths press conference and she was criticizing the Liberal scandals as the reason why she cant support the budget. So whats the difference between this year and last? This years budget was much more progressive than last. Anyways, who knows what happens, but like others, I pray Hudak does not come to power.

  7. Looks like we are heading for a vote on June 12. Too bad. I think horvath has played into the liberal trap here. I think she should have let this one pass. This budget was one of the most transformative budgets that would have helped working families. I tend to vote ndp mostly but have voted for liberal time to time. I like Wynne and from what I’ve heard from her I think I will be voting for albanese locally. Like others on this board, no way to hudak. Don’t want a repeat of the Harris years.

  8. I was really surprised that Horwath chose this budget to vote against. This was the first budget to include electrification, which is supposedly important to her Members along the line, even though we know the truth on that one now. I won’t be voting for her, she has essentially secured the Premier’s seat for the sneering joke that is Hudak.

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