Albanese trying to hold Metrolinx’s feet to the fire

Metrolinx hasn’t been terribly forthcoming about their plans for electrifying the ARL.

That’s putting it nicely.

For decades were told it wasn’t affordable; then we were told it would be cheaper. We were told it couldn’t be done before the Pan Am games. Then we were told it could have been. It might be done in seven years—or it might not be.

Laura Albanese has asked Bruce McCuaig, the CEO of Metrolinx, to finally give us some straight answers. In a fairly terse letter, she says:

To date, Metrolinx has not set a target date for completion of electrificatoin. As a result of this, there is much speculation and inaccurate information circulating in the public domain related to the timeline for completion.

For example, a Metrolinx consultant recently said at a community meeting that electrification of the ARL could be in place by 2015 assuming an approve [Environmental Assessment]….

I feel it is critical that Metrolinx provide a reliable target timeline for completion of the electrification of this project….


Albanese then goes on to ask

  • What the timeline is, and whether it can be expedited
  • How much electrification will cost, and who will pay
  • How long electrification will take and whether it can be done by 2015.
  • How much adding the stops that City Council asked for would cost.


Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

4 thoughts on “Albanese trying to hold Metrolinx’s feet to the fire”

  1. Interestingly, she did not send a copy of this letter to the Weston Community Coalition or Clean Train Coalition who have been asking her since she was elected to be this bold. Considering it’s her boss who is calling the shots on the timeline, her ‘terse letter’ to Metrolinx seems like a little bit of posturing. If she is still not aware that it is McGuinty who is dictating the timeline and $$, then she really is out of touch with her own party. Or maybe they are preparing for another election?

    Metrolinx tells us, the WCC and the Clean Train Coalition, that it is ‘political will and money’ that is holding them back, not their own ineptitude. Their latest consultants, ironically from a country with 2 ARLs that are electric and building more, says it can be done by 2015.

    So who is to blame? Is it Metrolinx, McGuinty or both? I say a little of both. From the cat-bird seat.


  2. Get with the program, Ms Albanese: pay attention to the community’s grassroots actions. In fact, those grassroots are your voters.

    It’s not enough to run along saying “Me, too!” when you’re supposed to be acting and getting results for the community. Let’s have some of that political will and money that your party is in control of. Strong words won’t get you the votes, and it won’t get us cleaner air.

  3. Hi

    Love …well except for all the Weston crime reports.

    As someone who will never vote for Laura, it’s sad to say that the folks in weston will vote for her again. Do residents of Weston understand the issues around the ARL? No! I overheard a Weston resident at the farmers market say that she had no idea th GO Station was moving! What, do people in Weston live under a rock?
    It’s this type of Weston ignorance that has resulted in the Weston Rd you see today…and all the social issues in our community. Our elected representatives have and continue to fail, yet we keep them in power.
    Laura’s letter is simply to say, oh look what I tried to do but Metrolin said NO. She has no idea how to fight for us nor does she have any power…all talk no action.
    Laura the ARL has been an issue nice day 1, yet now you write a letter of concern?
    Why all of a sudden are you concerned Laura?

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