Albanese votes against G20 inquiry

Laura Albanese voted earlier this month against an inquiry into government actions and spending at the G20 gathering that took place this summer.

According to Peter Kormos, who sponsored Bill 121, the inquiry would “report on the decisions and actions of the government of Ontario and of Ontario’s law enforcement agencies in connection with the G20 summit, and make recommendations to the government of Ontario and to Ontario’s law enforcement agencies about how to reduce spending, reduce arrests and reduce violence in connection with similar events”.

The G20 meeting has come into the news again as the final bill is being released. The Globe also ran a series of stories covering

  • Who was really caught in the ‘kettles’ police set up
  • Violations of the police spending policies
  • Dropped charges against protesters

Despite the recent controversies, bill 121 was soundly rejected. Only members of the NDP voted for it.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

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