Albanese wins

Laura Albanese won a resounding victory over Paul Ferreira last night, taking 48% of the votes to Ferreira’s 37%. Andrew Ffrench, PC, took 11% of the vote.

750 people, 2.6%, voted for the Green candidate, even though she did not mount a campaign of any kind.

Less than half of electors voted—only 45%.



Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

5 thoughts on “Albanese wins”

  1. I think we would have stronger representation with Paul, but maybe Albanese will work with more community interest now as she matures politically. We need more than we’ve had of her attention.

  2. Paul and the ndp need to stop their bush league tactics. The Ferreira literature on the humber river hospital implying that Laura wanted to build high rise condo’s on it was despicable. It’s people like him that turn people off politics. He got his just desserts last night. I guess now that he’s lost his “best of 5”, we won’t be seeing him anymore. Hopefully.

  3. I don’t pay that much attention to all the campaign literature. Its all very self serving and misleading. I did read that piece from the NDP on the Humber River site though, and I do have to say it was crap. Only someone without an ounce of intelligence could fail to read between the lines on that one. No truth in politics, just smears, innuendo, and lies. Sad really.

  4. Condos will be built on hospital site…it’s reality when you think of what a developer will pay for the land and how can that developer make a profit…..too many fools in Weston…too many.

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