Albanese wins

Laura Albanese, our MPP, has won another term in office. She defeated her rival, Paul Ferreira, in a very close race. 842 votes separated the candidates.

There were, in your humble correspondent’s eyes, three major events in the election. The first was the acrimonious first debate. It was ugly, and set an ugly tone for much of the campaigning that followed.

The second major event was the ill-advised pamphleting by Mike Sullivan, our federal MP. Sullivan borrowed words liberally from provincial NDP campaign materials and opened himself up to allegations that he was boosting for his friend and colleague with federal tax dollars.

Finally, there was Albanese’s decision to skip the televised all-candidates debate. It struck your humble correspondent as a bad idea, but your humble correspondent is no political machinist.

York South—Weston has been a very competitive riding for years. Ferreira and Albanese have each had turns at the helm in the past.

Lan Daniel, the Conservative candidate who hardly campaigned, got 11% of the vote. Keith Jarrett, from the Greens, got 1.5%. Eric Compton, a libertarian from the ‘Freedom Party’, 177 votes and a tax deduction, one assumes. Mark Micheal Radejewsky, an independent candidate who, I think, lives near me with his mom, captured the hearts of 46 Westonites.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

14 thoughts on “Albanese wins”

  1. Wow….very sad for our community.

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  2. This is a victory for the new democracy where voters are treated to empty chairs in televised debates, and where politicians with integrity and ideas are sidelined by political manipulators for whom no shot is too low.

    I’m disappointed, and our riding is left out in the cold yet again.

    We’ll be breathing fumes and watching the trains roar past the stop that was Weston.

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  3. Our new democracy: politicians represented in debate by an empty chair and an unused coffee cup, with no scruples about how to get elected, representing us at Queens Park in the same way so that we can be ignored as the diesel trains race through our neighbourhood past the stop that was Weston.

    Now we’re really invisible.

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  4. Having recently moved into this area and having both a strong political background in helping out numerous campaigns throughout the GTA and working in large private corporations dealing with project management/budgets etc, I am sorry to say but both of these politicians although good at championing causes would not receive my vote.

    We need politicians who understand business, who understand how to influence and negotiate change. From what I have seen and what I have read about these candidates I don’t see either of them making a difference here in Weston.

    Maybe some questions such as “how much of your salary are you going to give back to the community” and “what would you be doing if you weren’t running for office” are some questions that the general public should ask to see exactly what their intentions are.

    I am all for community spirit and pushing to get change but both of these voices are stale and not very professional. Watching debates and how they sling mud at each other instead of discussing their campaigns and how they expect to deliver on their promises is a better use of the debate time. Concrete action plans, not just “umm I will push to have diesel trains removed” I want to hear “here are my 5 steps to getting this completed”

    Too many politicans these days take advantage of the average citizen and engage in “empathy” warfare without a clear cut picture.

    Having the lowest voter turnout in a long time and having this election won by 800 votes in this riding is an example of how the status quo is still exactly that. Nothing will change because the people promoting change talk a good game instead of planning and executing the game.

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  5. Well that wasn’t surprising. It was going to be close. Possibly the riding was spilt with Pelmo Park & Maple Leaf neighourhoods going to Albanese while Ferrreia maybe took Weston Rd corridor areas. But Liberals had the advantage as they were in govt unlike the fed election. But this got to be the worst, campaigning by both sides in this riding ever! The in-your-face campaigning really was a bother, maybe it contributed to the lower voter turn out? Both parties better considered giving new candidates in next time, Albanese we know is a do-nothing MPP, and Ferreia, well it’s time to give up the career of always campaigning. New faces might improve voter turn out.

    But this Liberal minority might work out with ARL link diesel trains problem. With NDP winning in Parkdale they could use this as leverage so not is all lost yet!

  6. Mel, has pointed out some flaws that many voters do see, including myself. Being a relatively new member of the Weston community I feel the way this campaign was run by both candidates was poor.

    I have never seen so much “sign jockeying” in all my life. Driving down Lawrence by Keele it was horrible. Both candidates should be ashamed. I hope all those signs are removed ASAP and if this is the norm during election time I am sadly disappointed.

    The self serving campaigns that each candidate ran was done in poor taste and really at the end of the day did not educate voters one bit. From what I have read about the riding and what I have seen via youtube/ and local newspapers both these candidates are career politicians it seems with no real idea of how to actually plan and implement their strategies.

    At no time in these discussions before October 6 did either candidate lay out specific groundwork for how they were going to execute said “promises”. Championing a cause is one thing but I want to see the nuts and bolts of how you are going to push to get the Diesel problem solved with trains. Who are you going to talk to? How are you going to facilitate these talks, what are you looking to achieve, who have you spoken to currently to see if this is feasible.

    Once again we need voices and politicans that not only can talk and promote community issues but execute. These leaders qualifications should be re-evaluted. We need people who are business focused with project management experience to execute these action plans.

    To be a politican it takes strategy building/execution/communication. From the mudslinging and lack of communication other than spitting out platform promises from the central campaign I did not feel comfortable with either of the “front running” candidates.

    These candidates should have gone to their central office and made a point of getting specific information from their party leaders of exactly what they were allowed to committ to in the riding. Once again this was not done because they can’t execute proper strategy and planning. Force your party leaders to listen to your voice and push for change.

    Did they think in the house of commons it would be any different. It’s a lot worse. You need to be able to negotiate and work with many people and execute.

    Judging from these debates and literature it did not seem that any candidate had those skills. Talking is one thing but acting upon it was not shown.

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  7. I agree with some of adams comments and disagree with others. I saw the literature that the liberals dropped on pauls cbc interview about imposing road tolls and a parking tax. This may have scared some soft voters back to the liberals. Why paul said that during the campaign is beyond me and was contrary to the ndp message of making life more affordable to the average person. I know andrea was not happy about it and rebuked him publicly on his comments.

    As for mp mike sullivans community newsletter promoting paul and the ndp platform was a huge error on mikes part and does leave the impression that this was an abuse of taxpayer dollars. I don’t know how much impact it really had on the ground but sullivan will have to answer for this. I don’t know whether paul was in on it but its pretty hard for him to distance himself from it given the connection given pauls campaign manager was employed by sullivan apparently.

    I don’t think the debates mattered at all. The average voter does not generally tune in to these local debates anymore given the availability of social media and the ability to access the platforms quite easily. I saw one of the debate clips from youtube and it seemed that they were just stacked with people from each candidates camp.

    What’s unfortunate in my eyes is pauls hard work started way back when being ndp locally was unfashionable. He worked hard to rebuild the brand and I think he could have been our federal representative today if he wasn’t “pushed” out by sullivan and his people during the nomination process forcing paul to the provincial level.. Its too bad but sullivan benefited from a lot of the ground work paul laid and reaped the benefit last election, obviously with the help of jack’s popularity.

  8. Folks, the regulars will know that I’ve posted here before. A few things:

    1) Congratulations go out to Ms. Albanese. The voters of York South–Weston made a decision. I respect that.

    2) To TS: You obviously haven’t taken the time to read my literature or my bio. Your characterization is far off the mark, my friend. Yes, I’m proud to have been an NDP activist since I was 17 (for 21 years). But I’m not a career politician. I worked in journalism, marketing and public relations for more than a decade. I managed multi-million dollar budgets in the private sector. I am a problem-solver and a consensus-builder. Ask anyone who has worked with me. I have also run in YSW a number of times because I want to improve this community. I started in 2004 when the NDP was coming off a campaign where it received less than 4% of the vote here. I’m proud of my community involvement and leadership. And, yes, I’m also proud of the fact that when I was the MPP, each and every month I donated $1,000 back to community organizations.

    3) To Mel: Sadly, you are very ill-informed. And your comments here repeatedly bear that out. I’m only telling you that because I’m an honest, matter-of-fact kind of guy.

    4) To Vili: Mike didn’t push me aside. In fact, I recruited Mike to run federally when I was the MPP. I’m glad he’s my MP and I look forward to having him as a representative for many years to come. As for the newsletter, that was a decision made by his office and something Mike will have to defend. In 2015, you can pass judgement. And regarding toll roads, I was asked a very straight-up question on CBC Radio and I answered in a very straight-up way. We need more politicians willing to be honest and frank with people. In this case, if we want better public transit (I do!), we need to look at how we pay for it. There are many options; we should be examining all of them.

    5) To All: This was likely my last campaign. As I said during my speech last night, it takes great courage to put your name forward for public office. It’s also costly, it takes away from your family and puts you under the public microscope. If you don’t like the people who run, put your own names forward. That’s been the problem in this community for far too many years. Very few people were willing to put their names forward. We were left with dynastic political empires who looked after themselves first and the rest . . . well, not so much. We’re slowly turning a corner here and I’m proud to have been a catalyst for change. I’m hoping it extends to the next municipal election. The municipal level of government is the one closest to the people. We need a thorough house-cleaning in that regard.

    With very best wishes and sincere appreciation to the 13,000+ local residents who supported me this election, including the hundreds of them who kindly volunteered on my campaign,



  9. This is exactly the guy I voted for and have wanted as my MPP again for a long time. Paul you are a rock star, are well loved by many and you deserved better.

    When the trains are running and diesel spewing, you and others will shake their heads as Albanese runs around trying to convince people it’s healthy to breath it because it’s ‘clean diesel’.

    It’s going to be a tough 3 -4 years to come. Pity us all….

  10. So exhausting reading all this to’ing and fro’ing! I would love to know how the candidates are suppposed to campaign, Mel, if they are not ‘in your face’. Would you prefer they not come to your door like the bottom 3 candidates? Not show up for All Candidates meetings? They do call the ‘all’ for a reason — they aren’t called “Some Candidates Who Are Actually Interested In Representing You” meetings. Don’t answer the door next time.

    As for signage, TS, it’s always a matter of getting signs out for the candidates and it’s supposed to be an indication of support. Some candidates actually call people not just jam signs in a lawn because they happened to take one 4 years back. Some people take 2 or 3 signs because they don’t want people to know who they are actually voting for — I disagree with that tactic and think it’s a waste of a sign. Pick one or pick none.

    It takes a lot of balls, perseverance and funding to run a campaign. Instead of slagging those who do put themselves out there walking door to door for the past 4 months, why not applaud the effort? And Paul campaigned on the issues, not on personal attacks from what I saw. I went to 3 debates, he only made one negative comment which proved to be true in the end and has consistently called Albanese ‘friend’. He even called Lan Daniel friend after the one debate they attended together where Albanese did not. Not true in Albanese’s camp where they stooped to dirty politics, homophobic comments and manipulation of the truth. And people actually believed it.

    To Vili: road tolls are used all over the US and we gleefully pay them when we drive to Buffalo/Niagara Falls to shop. Or drive to Florida for March Break. They pay for the roads to be paved and for signage you can actually read in the dark. Maybe if we had tolls, we could actually keep up with all the repairs our roads constantly need. Or, you can have the Liberals raise your taxes once again hiding it in the sale of toilet paper, tampons and your home heating.

    I suggest you three, Mel, TS and Vili, all get together and figure out which one of you want to run the next campaign for your favourite candidate. You know it’s easy to be an armchair quarterback instead being out in the field getting tackled!

  11. ‘Voter turnout 45% in October 7 election.’

    55% of eligible voters did not participate in the process of hiring a New MPP for York South Weston.

    I encourage these 55% of non participants to save some money to spend on Hearing Aids very soon. The Diesel Trains are on the way. A contest is being planned. The winner of the grand prize will be selected among the 55% non participants that will spot the Noisest Diesel Train.

    Other prizes for those that breathe the most fumes will include:

    PIZZA dinner with Laura Albanese’s Husband
    PASTA Buffet with Laura Albanese’s Dougther
    CAKES and Cappuccino with Laura Albanese’s Son
    BBQ with Laura Albanese herself ( she may choose not to show up )

  12. To schmooy:

    As previously posted I have had experience running campaigns at all three levels of government and being new to the area I would require time to further research exactly what are the issues in this riding. I did learn a lot this campaign from attending debates and watching them on tv as well as reading all the literature dropped at my door.

    However, I know how the literature is created and how most of the pamphlets and brochures are “carbon copies” dropped from the central office with “Insert riding specific information here” place holders.

    I have never been an armchair quarterback as I believe that you have to put your money where your mouth is. I will be lending my support to the next campaigns for sure.

    Don’t get me wrong I don’t knock people for trying but I do knock the process as from the results there was new engagement of the public who don’t come out to vote. This has to change in this riding.

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