Albanese’s campaign manager explains

Laura Albanese did not attend the televised debate last night. I spoke to her campaign manager, Guy Bethell, to find out why.

Bethell said it was his decision to not have her go; he said there was “a whole number of reasons” and gave me two.

First, Ferreira, he said, didn’t debate in good faith at the Learning Enrichment Foundation. Ferreira accused her of missing a vote on hydro bills, but, according to Bethell and Albanese, she was recovering from surgery. Ferreira was, “trying to be cute, like Jack Layton in the federal debate. It ended up being a cheap shot.”

Second, Albanese was busy meeting voters at the door. She broke her elbow a few days ago, and, he says, lost some time campaigning so “she wanted to meet voters face to face”.

I told Bethell that my readers had left many comments expressing disappointment at not being able to see Albanese, and I asked him what he would say to those who had been looking forward to the debate. He said, “There were three debates that people could have attended. They could have come out to those debates. Two days before the election, she’s talking to as many voters as possible at the door.”



Paul Ferreira has been in touch to defend himself against Bethell’s allegations. Ferreira said that he stands by what he said; Albanese did skip the vote in question. He told me, “She was in the house. She was there on the transcript. I looked it up myself. For her campaign manager to come out and say that it was cheap is beyond the pale.”

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

4 thoughts on “Albanese’s campaign manager explains”

  1. I’m guessing Ms. A was working with the CFO of the Laura Albanese Campaign to put together to the anti-Paul literature that she’s passing out today…just received one at my front door. Nasty Nasty Politics…

    So who’s the one not acting in ‘good faith’ now?

  2. Paul has conducted himself as a gentleman throughout the campaign. He has called Laura ‘friend’, he has called her a nice lady. That is also what I hear from people I speak to- nice lady but not a politician. So now, she is taking her orders from nasty people who stoop to the lowest type of politicking – using homophobia and misleading the constituency on Paul’s record and intentions. Also making false claims about her record and efforts which have been called out on many occasions. She takes credit for work done by others, years before she became an MPP. I guess that is what happens when you have Judy Sgro in one ear and Frances Nunziata in the other. And her campaign manager is a bully. Anyone could see that at the debates.

  3. i think it was a big mistake for laura to get into politics. she has degraded her character and integrity so much that even if she went back to her news job, i wouldn’t trust her with the weather report.

  4. She is a nice lady. Just, in my opinion, not cut out to be in politics. She has surrounded herself with people who lack dignity and integrity. Sad.

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