Aliens invade Weston!

Weston is home to aliens. Or supernatural artifacts. Or time travellers. Or something.

Today and tomorrow, Warehouse 13, a SyFy channel production, is shooting an episode on William St. The show is about two secret service agents who are investigating a government warehouse full of supernatural artifacts.

On Thursday, William St had several old American cars parked along it, including, your humble narrator believes, one of the wackiest cars of the 1970s, the Flying Fishbowl, the AMC Pacer.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

One thought on “Aliens invade Weston!”

  1. I wondered at the time what was going on and surmised some sort of movie shoot was in progress. The thing is you never really get to know what was going on as community events rarely make the local news. Westonweb fills that gap. Thanks Westonweb.

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