All-candidates debate next Wednesday

Local community groups will host an all-candidates debate next Wednesday at the York Civic Centre. Be there and be square!

All the candidates for the provincial seat have confirmed that they will attend.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

5 thoughts on “All-candidates debate next Wednesday”

  1. Question?

    Is this debate in the old City of York municipal building beside York Memo?

    Oh, and do we have to pay for parking to attend this debate?

    1. Thanks, Mike.

      FYI, (for anyone interested in who’s zooming who in politics)..

      It’s not really his turf or election, but Jagmeet Singh is true to his school, for what it’s worth. And, he apparently rolled through the Weston area 10 days ago, in support of Mr. Hassan and the NDP. (?)

      Anyway, yesterday morning he was a guest on the CBC Radio 1’s,
      “The Sunday Edition”with Michael Enright for a good half hour chat, where they discussed much about the seatless Indo-Canadian Sikh leader and his team, naturally compared to the others across the land, and why we should care.

      I missed it live, but just heard the conversation from their web page. And, I’m glad I took the time because I know very little about this young, sharp dressed defence lawyer who would be king.

      And yes, they touched on the provincial election issues, too.

      So, if you’re curious, check it out – if you can afford 30 minutes.

      (And btw, I’m not shilling for the NDP. I’ll leave that to Roy, Paul Ferrera and our former MP, Mr. Sullivan.)

      1. I shill for anyone who is able to speak mostly truthfully (for a pol), help community members achieve goals that benefit society at large and who promise legislation that encourages self-sufficiency. I don’t think that ties me to a party. There’s eight years’ worth of articles on this site – see what you can find. I may shill for people but not a party.

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