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Today is the last day to throw a hat in the ring to become city councillor, [Never mind. Doug Ford changed the rules] Ward 11 has seen a few new entrants for the city council race.

Only three of the entrants have online profiles, and I think even fewer of the candidates will be serious.

Last night, Weston’s own mayoral candidate, Saron Gebresellassi launched her campaign. Gebresellassi is a long-shot candidate, to be sure, but she is among the most serious candidates, and has a left-leaning platform that distinguishes her campaign from John Tory’s.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

3 thoughts on “All candidates in”

  1. Sorry anyone but Nunziata look like what wonderful job she has done so far in our neighborhoods NOT!!! When I have gun play in my lobby and gang bangers dealing drugs out of my building after over twenty years in my building.Shootings, stabbings,gang headquarters at Weston and Lawrence we need some one who is going to actually clean up our neighbor hood and make it safe again not just talk the talk til her pension comes in.I am disgusted I grew up in Weston and Mount Dennis and it has become a shit hole of crime.It is a joke that property management is fixing old buildings and charging ridiculous rents that only drug dealers will afford no one decent will live in these buildings and the same for the new ones being built.I loved my neighborhood now I am just ashamed of what it has become.Sorry but the truth is the truth.

    1. If of utmost importance for you is ensuring Weston Village does not see modern residential development then Nunziata is your man. She and her backward-thinking goonies (Weston Heritage and Weston Residents Association) will go a great job with your resistance movement by opposing residential development projects. She’s your guy! I don’t know much about of the other candidates but if you want progression in Weston, best go with the more right-leaning candidates and stay away from the left mental illnesses.

      1. More pride of ownership is needed in Weston. I see many homes rented out and landlords don’t care for upkeep of their properties. Get new homes in there, big or small and you’ll see new owners come in and take care of their property. People want to move into new places (even if they’re renters) and they’ll take pride of where they live.

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