All day GO Train surprise.

According to the Toronto Star’s Tess Kalinowski, Weston will enjoy off-peak GO Train service at hourly intervals after Labour Day. Readers may be aware of the commuter-oriented GO Train schedule (which operates on weekdays only).

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There are eight morning trains between Weston and Union beginning at 6:12 and ending at 9:57.

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In the evening, seven trains offer the return service between 3:30 and 6:50. Metrolinx will soon make an announcement regarding hourly train service in both directions between Union and Mount Pleasant which is one stop east of Georgetown.

This upgrade in service may be of comfort to people who would like to travel in the middle of the day outside of the traditional commute times and it will be interesting to see if there are changes to the existing train times.

The article states that the Stouffville line will see a similar upgrade later on in the year.

This upgrade to service will take some of the sting out of watching an unaffordable (and nearly empty) UP Express train service passing through Weston every fifteen minutes between Union and the airport.

That service is seven days a week, nineteen hours a day.

Metrolinx is expected to make an official announcement mid-month.

4 thoughts on “All day GO Train surprise.”

  1. As someone who has been a vocal critic of UPX not being affordable for commuters, this is wonderful news! This will mean that people in the Weston area can get downtown in 20 min every hour…at a reasonable price. I will use this regularly to attend events in the downtown area. This will also help to make Weston a more desirable place to live as it will be far better connected to the rest of the TTC (bloor line or union) and the downtown core.

    1. Completely Agree Ian! And consider the transportation mode share that can happen now. Perhaps biking or walking to the station to catch a train downtown? Taking your bike on the train to bike around downtown?

      This opens soo many possibilities and its excellent news!

  2. Strangely I wrote to Laura Albanese’s office early this summer to find out when more trains would be added. Sadly they never responded to my inquiry! Thank you Adam for keeping us in the loop! Can’t wait for this announcement and hope it includes weekend service as well.

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