Annual crime rates released: You live in a great place

The police have released what is likely to be the best view of crime rates we’ll get for 2015, and it’s generally good news. 12 Division, in which Weston is located, is very safe. In fact, it is as safe as Toronto as a whole, which is among the safest cities in the world.

Crimes per

That said, total crime rates were up slightly last year, in large part, I suspect, because 2014 was a quiet year. Break and enters and thefts over $5000 returned to their 2013 levels, as did assaults. Robberies, however, declined back to their previous levels—wonderful news.  Auto thefts are a growing frustration.

Crime rates

Kinds of crime

You are unlikely to be the victim of a crime in Weston, but you are a victimized, you are likely to know the criminal. Assaults are the great bulk of crime in 12 Division—and 70% of assaults are cleared by the police. We know from this number that the crooks are easy to catch—They’re spouses. Sexual assaults are also cleared a very high rate, likely for the same reason.

Only 12% of auto thefts are cleared, while about one quarter of all B&Es and large thefts are. About 40% of all assaults are solved—much higher than your correspondent had imagined.

Weston is one of the safest parts of 12 Division, which is as safe as the safest city in North America.  We should be quite pleased.


Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.