Annual June Fair is another huge success

Intense potato sack races at Weston Memorial’s annual June Fair. Victors and losers are bound to be immortalized over recess gossip the next school day.

Weston Memorial’s annual June Fair ran beautifully on an equally beautiful Thursday evening. The warm weather allowed perfect conditions for the jumping castles, potato sack races, and laughter to carry through the night without interruption.

Although mainly an opportunity for younger members of the community to enjoy themselves over hamburgers and mini golf, the loud excitement and homely smell of a smoking grill hailed many more to the scene.

Activities this year included potato sack racing, various field activities, and four jumping castles which were perpetually teeming with small children. Booths were stationed throughout the east schoolyard with many multicultural games to play. Samosas, bifanas, Portuguese chicken, and pizza were also available, appropriate to this year’s theme, ‘Weston Around the World’.

Tables towered with delicious baked goods, showy raffle prizes, and baskets to be sold anchored the blacktop. Behind them, a stereo played jaunty songs against a brick of wall of students’ artwork. Some feathered and furry guests paid a visit as well, courtesy of Hands on Exotics.

The money raised from the June Fair will go towards purchasing various new equipment, and funding Weston Memorial’s many school activities, such as paying for school busses on field trips, bringing in technological equipment into classrooms, and inviting educational guest speakers for the students. Other events, like their Skate Night and Welcome Back BBQ will also benefit from the June Fair’s profits.

Ran on the first Thursday of June each year, preparation for the event began January. A committee of parents from the school, commandeered by Christine Ramos, worked collaboratively (and with unfaltering effort) to host another amazingly successful June Fair. Volunteers for the fair included about fifty parent volunteers and thirty student volunteers, namely from Weston Collegiate.

The many months devoted to their intense work were undeniably evident in the evening’s smooth success.

Be sure to come out for next year’s June Fair and support Weston Memorial!

A special thanks to Marjorie Richards for supplying me with details, and for her impressive involvement in organizing the June Fair.

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Author: Natalie

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3 thoughts on “Annual June Fair is another huge success”

  1. Not sure why there are 3 separate junior public schools all within a short walk of each other.
    Time to merge the three (or at least two of them) schools and build a nice brand new public elementary school at Pelmo Park.

    1. Terrible idea.

      HJ Alexander is less than 20 years old.
      Weston Memorial is historic and nearing its 100th anniversary.
      Both of these schools are at capacity.
      Pelmo may be the least full and in need of some renovation.

      One giant elementary school would be a nightmare.

  2. Yes weston memo is old and needs a new building. Pelmo is under capacity. I like the idea of merger of those two school.

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