Another article on the ARL in The Star

The Air Rail Link is the topic of another article in the Star today; the story doesn’t break much new ground but does put all the facts in one place. In the article, Premier McGuinty makes another wishy-washy commitment to electrifying the trains, saying, “we think we can, in fact, over the course of time and in an affordable way, move to an even cleaner option.”

Tickets from downtown will cost “well under” the taxi rate of $50 each way (although a taxi does hold four people), and will be set on a “cost-recovery basis”, according to Rob Prichard, the chairman of Metrolinx. What precisely this means is anybody’s guess though; the word ‘cost’ means about as much as the word ‘fish’, and costs are just about as slippery. There are large differences between costs (and fishes), but the article does not make clear which cost Prichard is talking about: marginal cost, average total cost, average variable cost?  The definitions will be important—the difference for riders will be between paying for gas, and paying for for gas, trains and tracks.


Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

6 thoughts on “Another article on the ARL in The Star”

  1. This really makes my blood boil. Weston, Junction, Mount Dennis, is really going to pay the price for Dalton’s Bay Street buddies train. I don’t believe a word what politicians say about the costs. Airport workers, who regularly take the Malton bus, won’t be using this train cause it will be too expensive. I remember working at the airport 8 years ago. I took the Malton bus, it took me about hour including the 20 min walk to Lawrence. And don’t’ get me started on the all day GO train. I take that train from Weston maybe two days a week. On that train majority of riders use it from Weston come from other parts of GTA even far from Woodbridge! That big parking lot will mean more traffic. All I see from this mess is pollution, traffic headaches lots of misuse taxpayers cash. The politicians, corporate media & other citizens from other parts of GTA will call us here in Weston NIMBYs but don’t buy it. We call for accountability, inclusiveness, and fairness about public transit use. We never got that period.

  2. the weston ARL station will close down very quickly. who in weston is going to pay such a high fare to get to union or the airport? it’s cheaper to take the GO train to union and few people will go to the airport from weston station, especially when it will cost so much. the fare from weston station to both union & pearson needs to be fixed at $5.

    i don’t think the service its self will be profitable the way it is designed to operate. there will be at least four tracks between GO & the ARL. that is enough capacity to run GO, the ARL (express service), VIA, and a public transit type train service which serves local communities. having local service on the corridor in addition to express will make everyone happy and it will make the best use out of the corridor. it will also make the most fiscal sense.

    rob ford is missing the opportunity of a lifetime to get involved in something that people from the left to the right would remember him positively for.

  3. According to the article (or Mike Sullivan’s) people here can’t use the ARL to get downtown; it’s only to be used to get to and from the airport.

  4. Chris M, are you serious? WTF! it’s even worse than i thought. how pointless. weston really got screwed and the sad thing is, alot of people don’t know it.

  5. From Mike Sullivan’s article:

    “Oh wait, it’s for business travellers only! We’ve now been told it will only be available for travel to and from the airport. Local citizens from stops in-between won’t be permitted to go downtown on the train.”

  6. It’s really a shame that people still don’t know about it considering that we have been fighting it since 2005. I guess they don’t read the papers or talk to their neighbours. Anon, unless you are a new resident, we have kept it in the news and in the election realm since we found out. But a dozen people aren’t a community and there should be a lot more people shouting about this. The 2 websites or and can be contacted if you want to volunteer.

    And we can thank our re-elected MPP for consistently failing to do the right thing by this community while misleading us about her efforts on our behalf and for Diesel Dalton for screwing us over and over again! Merry Christmas to us!

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