Another bad week for crime in Weston

Your humble correspondent can hardly claim to understand the mind of a criminal. He has had a lovely life, unstained by poverty, addiction or the drawing of deuces at the genetic table. Still, some crimes seem even less fathomable than others to him. Brawling? That makes some sense. Black Bloc protest he can see through a glass darkly. But robbery of the poor and hardworking? Assaulting the marginal and preying on the vulnerable? No. No and no.

Why would seven junkies, thugs, or nincompoops rob a deliveryman for 1 Plus 3 Pizza–not even a swishy pizza chain!–last week while he was making a delivery to an apartment building on Weston Road? The man lost his cash, phone, and food to the social lice. What leads (makes? allows?) people to do this to others trying hard–really hard–to make an honest buck?

The heart despairs.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

2 thoughts on “Another bad week for crime in Weston”

  1. Despair is right; how to keep the vulnerable safe? This is bullying at its worst and somehow our neighbourhood has to find ways really to watch out for each other.

    I would help try to organize some kind of response for those who suffer losses, like the Olympia store owners and this pizza delivery — to try to counter the effects of the armed thugs and the 7-to-1 attack like this one.

  2. Then continue to shop at their stores and restaurants. Store owners, once they have been robbed or broken into, need to feel the love from the community. And it helps us to recoup, in a small way, some of the costs we incur every time this happens. Insurance does not cover stuff like this and makes our rates go up really high if we do report it, so we are penalized not just once but twice if not thrice. Or your insurance will no longer cover you if you continuously make claims. High risk.

    Suri @ Squibb’s

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