Another food outlet for Weston

The site of the new Church’s Texas Chicken in 2018. (file)

Atlanta based Church’s Texas Chicken (formerly known as Church’s Chicken) will soon have a franchisee occupying the old Bank of Montreal building (the bank where time stood still™) on Weston at John Street. It will be a stone’s throw from the Popeye’s Chicken just up the street and directly across from P&M Restaurant. Close by are Pizza Pizza and Zeal Burgers to name but a few. Yet another food outlet in a small area seems to be a gamble on the part of the chain but at least it’s one less prominently empty building in Weston.

Church’s will begin renovations after July 1st when they take over the building.

It will be interesting to see what happens to the exterior of the old 1906 building constructed for the Bank of British North America. It was in continuous use as a bank for over a century, gaining the Bank of Montreal name in 1918 when the two banks merged.

Let’s hope the exterior renovation won’t be too garish. Perhaps the Weston Historical Society knows when and why the second storey was removed. The brick building further along John Street looks to be where Peter the Barber’s is today. Could it be the same building?

The bank building during construction in 1906. Adapted from the Toronto Public Library image. (Click to enlarge)

6 thoughts on “Another food outlet for Weston”

  1. I’m sure they will get a lot of business. I think weston has the demographics to support opening more fast food chains on the strip. Is the old greenland farms turning into a dollorama?. The renovations on the outside facade looks like it.

  2. Bah-ha-ha-ha!!! No surprise with that addition. Weston ain’t ever gonna see a level up establishment in the chain / franchise world. Are these chicken joints Halal too? Would be good, you know…

  3. Too bad a small, but strong, bold (brand named) “green” grocer didn’t envision themselves in such an historic site – just another unhealthy, earth toned carb laden, salt, sugar & fat joint.

    After all, there’s certainly no competition in the immediate area.

    Upside though..
    They have a “greenish” coleslaw on the menu!

  4. Hi Roy,

    For what it’s worth, I don’t think that’s the same building that was built in 1906 – it was probably rebuilt at some point in its current form (different style, only one storey). As for Peter’s barber shop, it wouldn’t be the brick building in the background of your image, but it might be the light-coloured building beyond that at far right (behind the telephone pole).

    1. Thanks; you’re probably right or else why would they have covered up the brick with siding.

  5. Just noticed the old beer store at Jane and Alliance is being renovated to become a Church’s Texas Chicken.

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