Another icon closes

Hakim Optical at Weston and Lawrence has closed and relocated out of town.

This is the latest in a series of business closures, including the Scotiabank, the TD and RBC banks on Jane, and the Daily Bun bakery on Weston.

Your correspondent, no chicken little, does find these closures hard to square with the putative gentrification of Weston brought about by the UPX, and the Weston Common/Artscape projects.

Certainly, many businesses come and go, especially in Weston; these recent closures, however, worry me more than usual because they are of long-running businesses that have been in the community longer than I have, and, with a few exceptions, such as the Mount Dennis Weston Health Centre, few of the replacements seem to be high-revenue, community-anchor, medium-sized businesses.

I’m sure you don’t need reminding, and I’m as guilty as anyone, but at this time of delightful over-consumption, let’s make an effort to shop in the neighbourhood. Take your neighbour out for coffee at Perfect Blend; buy some books at Squibb’s (many by local authors, perfect for giving!).


Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

8 thoughts on “Another icon closes”

  1. I was particularly surprised st the closure of bun king. They seemed to get a lot of customers.

    1. Hey,

      And, credit due to that hard working family who delivered their baked goods,
      7 days a week, for YEARS!

      It was sometimes sad to hear the poor woman politely tell how people would come in and complain about the relative higher prices, over the years.

      Reality is, it’s tough to sustain high overheads when you get complaints about your baker’s dozen costing a whopping $4.49.

      Probably not so different for all you’ve packed up and moved on.

      Anyway, all the best to that hard working, self-employed family and anyone else who gives it a honest shot.

      Just because you’re in business for yourself,
      doesn’t mean your rolling in the dough.

      (Pardon the.. )

  2. “…..with the putative gentrification of Weston brought about by the UPX, and the Weston Common/Artscape projects” i hope your joking.

    1. Guess you should of bought more….place shut down because rent went up, and customers would complain about a .10cent increase. Business costs go up and must be passed along, but not in Weston…….

  3. The Hakim Optical located on Weston was the ‘Dollarama’ of Hakim Optical’s. Went in there once to ask for a pair of Ray Ban’s and the store clerk chuckled and told me to go to another location if I wanted something name-brand. Other than that pretty cool sign that is in disrepair, I don’t think Hakim Optical actually added any value to the neighbourhood.

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