Another local cannabis store announced.

This distinctive building at Weston and Eglinton is soon to be the home of another retail cannabis outlet under the Hobo Cannabis Company brand. The company seems to be based in Western Canada. The Weston location is one of fifteen Ontario outlets announced today by the company.

The latest cannabis store will be at 1161 Weston Road. From Google Maps.

I’ve always wondered about the purpose of the glass structure on the front.

5 thoughts on “Another local cannabis store announced.”

  1. Hmmm?

    Thought we could use a decent small, local green grocer for the area – you know, a viable healthy fruit & veg shopping outlet – to go along with those Dorito snacks that hold you over when the munchies kick in.


    Yeah, never mind.

    (Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em.
    And, don’t lose that OHIP card.)

  2. It’s true!

    And, these trippy folks are based in Vancouver, on Robson Street and are somehow related to the Shiny Bud, up at Crossroads, too.

    See, people helping people – with a little of Mother Earth’s happy herb!
    (Comebya, m’Lord, comebya)

    BTW, according to their FAQ section:
    Their name, Hobo is inspired by the good old days of train travel when wanderers would stow away on freight trains travelling across the continent during periods of economic depression. But, perhaps more importantly, along their way the so-called Hobos would make visible notes for one another showing where a hard luck traveller might just find a friendly helping hand and a bite to eat.

    Or in the case of this group, a helping hand extended to someone looking for a little medicinal support along our rail lines!

    Funnily, I’ve heard such story telling from my wife’s maternal family who used to live near the King Street tracks, well before WWII. And, that her maternal grandmother used to feed some of those down on their luck men riding the rails, who’d hop off in Weston.

    Even more coincidental & interesting, it was much the same kind tale told by the late, Robertson Davies in his wonderful novel, Fifth Business – where early in the story he writes about Hobos riding these same rail lines toward Georgetown, and how they knew where they could get some friendly sustenance along the way.

    Now, how trippy is that, Dave?
    (“..Dave? Dave’s not here, man.”)

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