Another loss for Weston

I too will miss the loss of Weston’s last supermarket. Greenland Farms may have had an odour – show me a fish store that doesn’t smell- but it served the community well for many years providing a large selection of produce along with amazing foods from a variety of ethnic sources.
Sadly, we have a council, mayor and councillor bent on austerity; unwilling to do anything to mitigate the effects of uncontrolled development on our community.

No doubt our councillor will reassure us that the new building will have retail and food stores on the ground floor but the truth is that the community has lost yet another vital asset and the alleged replacement is many years away.
Surely Ms Nunziata must concede some measure of responsibility for Weston’s decline over the past decades of her incumbency? Her voting record seems to reflect a service to the development industry rather than to her actual constituents.

As former prime minister and reformed secular saint, Brian Mulroney famously observed, ‘You dance with the ones that brung you’.

And the music plays on.

7 thoughts on “Another loss for Weston”

  1. Sadly all we have now is over priced Stupidstore which many in this community have difficulty getting to or affording their ridiculous prices.

    1. what are you talking about expensive superstore??? food prices are relatively cheap and you can price match…gosh everyone wants something for free.

  2. Businesses come and go. Is it not more important to ask why the alleged replacement is many years away?

    1. The building was sold some time ago and it should have been obvious to our representatives that once the building closed there would be a delay (or even an eternity) before a similar facility was available. As a result, Weston has become a food desert for those unable to travel elsewhere.

  3. I agree with Roy, to a point.

    And come on, really – to those finding out that fish gives off an odour, usually unpleasant, please, get out more – maybe take a walk along a lake shore or river bank. Heck, go fishing or walk along a dock with fishing boats.

    They catered to folks originally from island nations who value seafood in their cultural cuisine. And clearly, not everyone loves a fish or seafood diet.

    But, the real loss for anyone who would have considered a visit to this or any other grocery store (here or any other town) is that now, there’s an inability to stop by & purchase good, fresh vegetables & fruit.

    Arguably, fresh vegetables & fruit are the most important menu items for anyone wishing to have fewer visits to an OHIP establishment.

    The very department – “Produce” – that all of us should be spending most of our time & money when grocery shopping. The department with the fewest claims or persuasive ads regarding nutrition.

    And, Greenland Farm’s produce was pretty good, whenever I stopped by – the quality & price was surprisingly, as good as any other grocery store within driving distance.

    Bottom line:

    if people don’t visit & spend their hard earned money in a store like that -a perishable goods store – it’s days will be numbered.

    No proprietor can sustain or afford to be that stupid for very long a time.

    So, if Weston were to get lucky with a shiny new grocery provider someday – best consider visiting, regularly.

    (And, if need be – plug your nose while you scope out the more important product available!)

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