Another murder.

There’s no nice way to put this: another man has been killed in Weston.

Kareem Hastings, 22, was killed at 2089 Lawrence Avenue. He was shot around midnight on Saturday, but he was not discovered in a stairwell until Saturday afternoon. He was pronounced dead at the scene. Nobody, it seems, called the police until 15 hours later.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

6 thoughts on “Another murder.”

  1. Well to be honest adam. . I own property in weston. Weston and church street to be exact. And there has been to many incidneces of violence for my taste in the last couple of years. I’m worried about my property value, and thinking about selling g and running… crime is everywhere, hover I think more so in weston.

  2. Sigh… so sad when news breaks that a young man in our community has died alone in a stairwell and the first and only thought is to property values. My condolences to the family and let’s talk about what’s going on and how we can help.

  3. It was reported that the lady who discovered him heard the shots and called the building superintendent who said he’d look into it, but apparently didn’t. Sad for his family, and hopefully they won’t find out that there might have been a possibility he could have been saved had someone acted sooner.

  4. Whatever was going on, without guns, and with a responsible superintendent, perhaps the death of a young man could have been prevented.
    Perhaps using developers’ money for community centres, or a branch of the Y, or better prospects for young people in the area, rather than building more high rises, would mean Weston could be a good and safer place to live.
    Sympathy for the family, but also support or expanding Frontlines, the WKNC, more community support.

    1. expanding the WKNC does nothing….we need jobs, we need a BIA to cleanup Weston Rd, we need the Resident Group to voice concerns to Nunziata and to NOT support more towers in Weston, we need landlords that care, we need to upgrade buildings to owned condos (pride of ownership)…..enough with the Y coming to Weston….just like everyone said the UP Express would change Weston – hows that working out for you? Weston Rd is ugly and with ugly comes problems.

      1. Yes, I agree totally. Getting Nunziata’s attention, and the BIA to act are priorities. And no new towers!

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