Another official sees GO corridors as transit solution.

The Globe and Mail has another interesting take on the GO network in an article published last Friday. In the article, Markham Councillor Jim Jones adds another voice calling on Metrolinx to add more tracks, triple the number of stations and electrify lines entering Toronto such as the Georgetown (now Kitchener) line. Openfile has a similar take on the same topic.

While Metrolinx deep thinkers don’t want to offer local service, the arguments for such an integrated service are compelling. Councillor Jones points out that Metrolinx and the TTC don’t talk to each other. Perhaps it’s time for our elected representatives to ask the Ontario Ministry of Transportation to bang some heads together.

2 thoughts on “Another official sees GO corridors as transit solution.”

  1. Why is everyone else except our MPP Laura Albanese saying something about the ARL line?
    Seems like Laura is paid well to say nothing. Vote her out!

  2. Absolutely agreed. Who knows what going at that bureaucratic mess of Metrolinx. It’s ridiculous that GO fares are double the price of TTC They spending lots of taxpayers money on very poor planning. There is going to be early elections I don’t think nothing will change if Tories will win. NDP well they might win with a minority, but I don’t see any ideas about what they will do with Metrolinx either from them too.

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