Another payday loan outlet bites the dust.

1931 Weston Road

The premises at 1931 Weston Road are being renovated to accommodate a new tenant. The last occupiers, a payday loan outfit by the name of ‘Ca$h Inn’, have decided to move on.

Let’s hope it was something we said.

8 thoughts on “Another payday loan outlet bites the dust.”

      1. We’ve got two perfectly good independent coffee shops on the same block. You ever tried them?

        If you really want Starbucks, take a 15 minute walk over to Westway and Royal York.

        1. Perfect Blend and Matti’s. Good coffee at both. And less expensive than Starbucks. Give them a try.

  1. Nothing wrong with wanting to have a few more name brand shops in the neighborhood. I live at weston and church. The Starbucks on royal york is not a 25 minute walk. I see nothing wrong with adding a starbucks . Unfortunately with the current demographic of people in the area slim to non chance of one opening up which is unfortunate.

    1. its not just demographics, its the low quality of income housing along weston rd, its how ugly weston rd looks, even the john st building has DONE NOTHING to improve the area because its so poorly designed and ugly on the outside….I wouldn’t dare think about sitting outside on a patio along Weston Rd….would you?

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