Another quiet election?

The provincial election is looking to be just as boring as the municipal one, at least in Weston; nobody seems to want to run against Nunziata, and York South—Weston, which has long been a provincial battleground riding, has only one serious contender, Laura Albanese.

For more than a decade, YSW has swung back and forth at the provincial and federal levels between the Liberals and the NDP.

This year, though, the NDP has not announced a provincial candidate. Paul Ferreira, the the former MPP and recent candidate, told me a few months ago that he was considering another run, but nothing has been announced. Yet the elections are only six weeks away.

The Conservatives have put in a candidate, Andrew Ffrench. He’s been entirely silent on social media for more than a year, though, and he hasn’t said anything about the election. The Greens don’t have a candidate in this riding.

Perhaps the NDP has a plan. It’s hard to imagine what it might be, though—the Liberals are in deep trouble, with a minority government, unfolding scandals, and what looks like a UP Express coverup. The NDP has been on the ascendance, too—Sullivan won only three years ago and has been a solid and effective MP.

Not announcing a candidate on the first day seems, to your humble correspondent, to be a mistake: it makes the NDP look like they don’t want a riding they could have.

They may get that wish.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

5 thoughts on “Another quiet election?”

  1. Perhaps someone other than Paul should take a run at it. I’ve been impressed with Shadya Yasin from the YYC. Not sure if someone could encourage her to run. Someone who is a grassroots candidate would be a good choice for the NDP. I have heard that Paul is taking another crack at it though. Not sure what the party establishment is thinking. They have become so controlling lately of local processes though much like the liberal party. Maybe Giambrone is going to run here? Just joking…

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