Another view of 22 John

Statler_and_Waldorf-1We’re a couple of cranks at WestonWeb. Not everyone shares our sense of gloom, however, and InsideToronto has a cheery piece on the approval of the development at 22 John.

“The time spent in these meetings demonstrates Rockport’s commitment to ensuring the needs of the community are being met and are addressed,” [David McBride, Chair fo the WVRA] said. “The proposal incorporates a 40-year old building desperately in need of appreciation and purpose and transforms it into a functional and viable part of the community. Isn’t this what we exactly look for in development? Repurposing old, under utilized structures and combining them with new architecture, breathing new life into the area?”



Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

2 thoughts on “Another view of 22 John”

  1. ITS ANOTHER RENTAL TOWER IN AN AREA FULL OF RENTAL TOWERS!!!! I don’t understand how the WVRA can’t see this?

  2. While there’s an old expression; “follow the money”, I wouldn’t dream of suggesting that proponents of this debacle have an ulterior motive. However, when the benefit to the community is (at best) 10 percent of the total value, this project is definitely a bad deal. Westonians may have thought we had moved beyond the era of rampant high rise building construction.
    Unfortunately it was simply on hold for a while.

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