Apartment to be built on old houses

Well, here’s a dilemma: Would you rather have two abandoned firetraps or another Weston Road high rise?

You won’t actually get to choose. You’re getting the high rise.

The two fire traps are ages-old houses on Weston Road that have been abandoned, dilapidated, eye sores for as long as I have lived here. They are a depressing welcome to Weston for people coming off the 401; they remind me of Detroit or another failing city, too poor and too small-minded to do something about a public nuisance.Ah, history

Your humble correspondent, like everyone else, he supposes, had hoped something good would come of them, but he, like everyone else he supposes, took no action.

The Committee of Adjustment has approved variances to the city plan and will now allow construction of a 13-storey, 113-unit building. The building will be bigger and taller than is generally allowed and will not have as much parking as the rules require.

Frances Nunziata says that she and the Weston Heritage Conservation District opposed the variances, but the committee overruled them and went in favour of the developer, who will be required to give money for community benefits.

On the upside, the developer has built many other properties, some of which are in the neighbourhood, and others that have vibrant communities.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

4 thoughts on “Apartment to be built on old houses”

  1. Weston Heritage Conservation District is against the building on Weston Rd but supports the building on John St….does that make sense to anyone?

  2. And why are finding out about this now? Frances’s office sends out weekly news circulars, and the Heritage people could rally support if indeed they opposed the plan.
    Neighbours on Queen’s Drive got together to oppose the developer’s plans to put several townhouses on their block, successfully petitioning the City.

    Why is Weston Rd left to become worse for living and for the neighbourhood?
    Not enough parking??? More highrises that will fill with people who will need to walk along Weston Rd to take children to school or get to Weston stores? The street is already unsafe, unaccommodating for pedestrians and this has been pointed out to Ms Nunziata on numerous occasions.

    Surely we deserve more than hand-wringing after the fact from our Councillor and the Heritage group.

    Appalling failure to even try to inform the community and attempt to mobilize the significant power of neighbourhood action. We can’t do anything if we aren’t kept informed and that’s why Adam’s work is so important. And we have a Councillor in the corridors of power.

  3. What a complete joke. None of the groups in Weston have any real power, same people across all groups. We need new young blood joining the various organizations and a new councillor as well. Out with the old in with the new. Clearly the keeping the status quo has done nothing for us……except get us more rental apartment buildings.

  4. well did you know that they will clear cut all those old trees to make way for this building . look at the 2 mature trees facing Weston rd.where does our mayor or Councillor stand on this.

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