April showers bring May flowers – courtesy of WCI’s Eco Team

WCI’s Eco Team revamping the front garden.

May 20, 2015 –  April showers and the sporadic nights of single-digit temperatures seemed to have safely passed, thus marking the annual planting of flowers in the Weston Collegiate front garden. The Eco Team, in collaboration with our standing vice principal, Ms. Babic, bought a collection of flowers to add some splashes of green, pink, white, and purple against all the grey.

Various student volunteers and a few of the club members gathered after school to begin the gardening. They rolled out a cart of sages, lilies, and bee balm along with a wheelbarrow of mulch, and wielded themselves with shovels and a rake.

The afternoon began with freeing the garden bed from a layer of moldy leaves, dead plants, and weeds that were choking the soil. Once the bed opened up, the team dug down and planted in their new babies – bee balms along the edges, and bunches of sages and lilies dotting the middle. With the plants patted down, bags of black mulch were well distributed over the soil, giving the finished garden a very sophisticated, fresh look.

“Nothing makes me happier than seeing a more beautiful Weston,” says Ngan Tran, an Eco Team member. “Especially when we worked together to achieve it in a way that restores the earth rather than destroy it.”

What makes this variety of flowers particularly special is the type of visitor they can attract – bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds! Sages and bee balms (the name is quite self-explanatory) are predominantly excellent at attracting pollinators of many sorts.

White sage.

By planting pollinator-friendly flowers, the Eco Team is definitely helping bees with their forage for nectar, and are encouraging more positive hive activity as bee populations continue to decline. Even though they can be thought of as an unpopular ‘clique’ at school, I hope to see many bees buzzing by Weston.

When planning to plant pollinator-friendly flowers, it’s important to know when the plant will be blooming – is it a late or early bloomer? Consider having an assortment of flowers blooming at varying times during the summer; in Weston’s garden, the sages have already begun to blossom and the bee balms are due late summer. This will give the bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds a treat all throughout the season.

Pollinator-friendly plants are excellent additions to any garden, simply as colourful embellishments, or as companion plants for fruit trees and vegetable gardens. Considering the ample space these beautiful Weston homes allow for gardens, think of adding a few catmints, yarrows, hyssops, lupines, and coneflowers to your yard!

Help the Eco Team in making Weston a more bee-friendly environment.

Eco Team president, Rizeena Khan, giving the bee balms a good watering.

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