ARL could have been electrified by 2015

The Air Rail Link could have been electrified in time for the Pan Am games, according to Metrolinx, InsideToronto says. The Pan Ams had been used as justification for rushing the construction, even though the athletes will not take the ARL and the event is only two weeks long.

The 2015 ‘deadline’ had already seemed concocted and the conversion seems unnecessarily expensive. That the electrification is being held up–assuming it indeed happens–by paperwork does nothing to burnish the image of a much-disliked agency.

“We’ve been meeting in this room for five years now,” said Dobson. “One thing after another has been proven wrong.”

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

3 thoughts on “ARL could have been electrified by 2015”

  1. Who is acting responsibly with the screw-up of our neighbourhood and our air?
    There are just so many repercussions from this construction and Metrolinx’s decisions.

    WTF indeed!

  2. So sick of hearing the excuse of the Pan Am games. I tweeted a question to one of those TTC guys asked them when TTC is finally going to dump tokens and get smart-cards.response “well we planning to have them by the time Pan Am games blah blah”! Stintz transit plan included above ground subway or LRT to the airport. Of course the prov govt trash it. I have feeling we going to pay for this lie and mess both socially and economically for a long time.

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