ARL to be diesel, made in Japan

As Metrolinx prepares to meet tomorrow, news is coming out about their plans for the Airport Rail Link.

According to the Toronto Star, the airport shuttle will be tier 4 diesel, not electric, and likely made in Japan, not in Canada.

“No one in Canada makes these vehicles. In Canada you can buy light-rail vehicles through Bombardier. We do not have a buy-Canada kind of requirement,” said Metrolinx President Gary McNeil, who is leading the air-rail project until a new executive is hired, probably in January.

The Clean Air Coalition has criticized the estimated number of passengers and said that it still doesn’t make sense to build the link. According to Metrolinx, 5000 riders will use the service per day. The coalition says it would actually make more environmental sense for those riders to drive:

5000 per day (within 5 years) is 37 per train, or 18 per railcar.  The trains, if Diesel, will emit 3 times the [greenhouse gases] as automobiles… [the emissions are] a wash at 56 passengers per railcar.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.