Arrests made in Weston swarmings

Great news: Toronto Police have arrested three men for the recent swarmings in Weston. A fourth is being investigated.

There has been a rash of muggings. 17 muggings, swarmings, or purse snatchings in Weston have been reported in 2011. More than half of them were committed by a group of three and sometimes four young men. The descriptions of the suspects from case to case were consistent, though vague.

Typically, the gang would approach a young person near the intersection of Jane and Lawrence and demand his phone before fleeing. Last month, however, a group of four young men attacked a 41-year-old woman walking through the village at night and stole her purse.

Superintendent Thomas Russell said in a letter to WestonWeb that investigators have solved “a number of the robberies, including those where cell phones were taken from the victims. Three of four male suspects have been identified, arrested, and charged with these robberies; a fourth is still under investigation.”


Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.