Art cube collapsed

The building I know as the Art Cube building has fallen in on itself. I always thought of it as a pretty cool building gone to seed, though  looking at old photos of it now, I think it may have been a pretty cool façade on a seedy building.

The collapse caused large traffic disruptions on Weston Road as fire and gas services took over the scene. The building is now surrounded by demolition fence.

The Art Cube building
As I think of it
Before the collapse
The building today
The building today
The building today
The view from St Phillips.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

6 thoughts on “Art cube collapsed”

  1. If I’m not mistaken…this building was on the MLS real estate site for sale no??.

  2. I always liked that frontispiece. Glad you had some archived photos. It could have been a tragedy and luckily no person was injured or worse. That is something the city should have recognized as a ‘Not If, But When’ kinda thing and had it declared unfit and boarded, or better yet demolished at the expense of the owner or forfeiture.

  3. This building was up for sale.
    MLS® Number: W4380028
    Is listed for $610,000. Imagine buying it …then to have this happen!

  4. Now if only those 2 derelict houses at weston at Coulter could lean forward and collapse so that they could get bull dozed and rid of once and for all.

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