Arts organization looking to build in Weston

According to InsideToronto, Artscape, which usually serves those richy-rich artists downtown, is looking to build a cultural and creative hub in Weston-Mt Dennis. It will need to be funded by City Council, however, after the new arts-averse mayor has taken over—and Ford recently promised that there will be no new money for the arts.

Along with preparing a map of existing creative sector jobs and facilities in the area, Artscape staff have been interviewing local artists and sought feedback from the public at a meeting earlier this month, including on where such a hub might be located and what it should offer.

“Is it for performing arts, is it for artists’ work studios, is it for artists’ retail, is it for visual arts, is it for dance?” asked Artscape’s Liz Cohn.

The answers to those questions will have to wait, however.

Artscape plans to present its report to city staff by mid-December, said Cohn. After that, staff and Artscape will prepare an action plan to implement the hub and submit it to the economic development committee in 2011.

Whether there’s support, and funding, from the new council for such a project is unknown.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

2 thoughts on “Arts organization looking to build in Weston”

  1. Wow that would be really nice! I don’t feel too optimistic though considering Ford’s non-commitment to the arts. 🙁

  2. Like you, I’m worried about what Weston will lose out on.

    But this is apparently, what Westonians want: 60% of us voted for him.

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