Some Artscape tenants withholding rent

On April 1, some Artscape tenants didn’t pay their rent because of the COVID pandemic, according to CTV.

 A group of artist tenants at apartment building and cultural hub in the city’s Weston neighbourhood say that they plan to jointly withhold rent this week amid a COVID-19 pandemic that has impacted their livelihood.

In a news release issued early Monday morning, the tenants said that they have reached out to their landlord about their situation and have been told that they can defer half of their April rent on request and then pay the balance owing off over a six-month period starting May 1.

The CEO of Artscape was interviewed by NOW Toronto. He said,

“Like our tenants, we’ve also been affected by the crisis,” Artscape CEO Tim Jones tells NOW. “We’ve laid off 54 staff members. We are doing everything we can to provide as much support as we can to them and to tenants. We’re reaching out to all of our lenders, talking to suppliers and organizing advocacy efforts with the federal government…. If there’s a suggestion that we’re not trying to be helpful, it’s just not the case. Unfortunately, as a nonprofit there are constraints.”


Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.