Australian telecom regulators know how to stop muggings in Weston

As regular readers will know, muggings and purse snatchings are the most common and distressing kind of street crime in Weston. They almost always happen the same way: a group of young men surrounds the victim, almost always a teen, and demands his iPhone or Blackberry.

It now seems that Bell and Rogers are accomplices of a kind in these muggings. According to Forbes, Australian authorities have figured out a way to halve the number of stolen phones: They stop stolen phones from working. The serial number of every stolen cell is banned from the networks, and this makes phones unattractive for thieves.

There are few reasons aside from public pressure for Bell and Rogers to exclude stolen cell phones, though the article says it’s not technically difficult; after all, the people who buy stolen phones become customers, and the people who lost their phones must buy new ones.



Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

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  1. Now that Rogers and Bell have spent a gazillion dollars buying MLSE I think they’ll need more revenue. This sounds like an great, easy to impose idea which will never happen unfortunately.

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