Welcome, Brinda!

I’m delighted to announce that we have a new writer, Brinda Kumar! Brinda’s first article, on Ujima House, is below.

Brinda is a lifelong Westonian with huge interests—from government policy to origami and from arts to animal welfare. We’re delighted, and lucky, to have her—not least because she knows infinitely more about sports than Roy or I do.

Welcome, Brinda!


Hassan wins in York South–Weston

The polls in York South–Weston closed late because our riding was a bit of a nail-biter. In the end, Faisal Hassan of the NDP won in a tight three-way race.

From The Star

Hassan took 36% of the vote, squeaking past an very strong showing from Mark DeMontis, who earned 33%. Long-time MPP Laura Albanese came in third with 28%.


Weston is part of the city wall surrounding Toronto, which voted almost entirely orange—in stark contrast to the rest of rural and suburban Southern Ontario.

From the CBC

That the NDP won is no great surprise. We’ve long been a centre-left riding. The big news is DeMontis’ support: he performed extremely well, riding a strong campaign and blue wave to near victory in a riding that gave the PCs only 11% of the vote in the last election.

The vote must sting Albanese, who served as a competent and reasonably-accomplished MPP. She lost through no great fault of her own, but because she was part of an inept and corrupt administration that tried to buy votes instead of staying true to its centrist principles.

Hassan will join an opposition party facing a bumbling PC leader for whom all politics is personal. Doug Ford has convictions but no principles—and we will all be sure to pay the price as he forms an evidence-free administration.

Now that the race is over, the marathon begins. Holding the PCs to account will be a test of endurance for the Hassan and the rest of the NDP.

Sun: “Mark DeMontis has a lot of personal strengths — he’s young, he’s hardworking, he’s partially blind.”

The Toronto Sun has a complimentary article on Weston’s Mark DeMontis that gives a nice background of our PC candidate.

From The Sun

“I’ve become accustomed to having to rely on my hearing, because I experienced sight loss at age 17,” he says. “It’s actually helped me with public service more than I ever would have imagined, because people want someone in their community who will listen. And this is a community I feel has been neglected for a very long while, so it’s time people had their voices heard.”


BRAUN: Mark DeMontis — leadership forged by disability



Upcoming events

The Weston King Neighbourhood Centre (WKNC) is starting a Community Art Program which will begin on Thursday June 7th at 6 pm. The workshops will be held at WKNC, located at 2017 Weston Road, & will continue weekly on Thursdays from 6-8 pm until the end of July.
The facilitator for this 8-week session will be Marlene Kates who has over 30 years experience both as an art teacher & as a visual artist.
All the supplies you need will be provided free as well as refreshments.
The Art Program will be held in addition to the very successful Weston Writing Group which is now in its third year.
To register, or for more information about either program, please contact Ken Theobald at WKNC at 416 241-9898 or kent@wknc.ca

The annual Weston Memorial June Fair will be on Thursday, June 14. It’s always a blast. If you have the  inclination to volunteer time or goods, I know they’re always grateful for the help.

Frontlines will be hosting a fundraising clothing drive on July 14. Your donations would be very welcome.

Cupboards are bare at the food bank

In medieval times, I read, the time of greatest hunger was the most cruel: it happened in early summer, while the crops were still growing, trees were flowering, but the larders were empty from last year. Peasants could see the future and what was left of the past. The present, though, was bleak.

The shelves at the Weston Area Emergency Support are bare, and they could use your support. I always recommend donating money rather than goods, though I am assured that both are welcomed. Nobody wants hotdogs with no buns, however, and money lets food banks buy what they need, often at a discount over what you might pay.

Meet Mark DeMontis over a vice

Mark DeMontis, the PC Candidate for York South–Weston, is hosting several meet-and-greets over the next few days. If you hustle, you can meet him for beer tonight (Thursday) at the Irish Rose pub in Mount Dennis. He’ll be there at 7.

If pastries and caffeine are your preferred poisons (there not mutually exclusive), DeMontis will be at the Rustic Bakery on Friday at 7 and Sunday at 11.


Results are in

The results of WestonWeb’s completely unscientific polling are in, and Faisal Hassan, the NDP candidate, has a commanding lead.

Over the past week, 71 people responded–not including the rogues who tried to stuff the ballots in our first attempt that his experiment.Straw pollThe NDP got 43% of the vote, and the Liberals received 31%. Mark DeMontis, with the PCs, received 19%, and the Greens polled surprisingly well with 8%. (Your correspondent neglected to include the Libertarian candidate, which was an oversight.)

Our poll agrees with the broader trends in Ontario; the NDP is now in the lead according to most polls. The PCs have never done well in York South–Weston, but they are performing better now than in the past, especially since WestonWeb’s readership likely skews left.

If this poll were accurate, it would be a remarkable upset for Laura Albanese, who is the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, and who has held the seat for more than 10 years.