Two youth hubs for Weston and Mount Dennis

Frances Nunziata announced some very good news: both the Weston and Mount Dennis libraries will be receiving youth hubs.

From the TPL

Youth hubs are

a welcoming place for teens after school and in the summer, where snacks, fun activities and helpful staff are always available. Drop in to connect with friends in a supportive environment and get help with your homework.

The hubs include gaming systems, iPads, computers, and specialized equipment. Tutors are  available to help with homework.

Nunziata also announced that Pelmo Park will be getting a splash pad.



Upcoming events

On Wednesday, February 26, the Mount Dennis ecoNeighbourhood association will be hosting a town hall on climate action plans.

Two groups recently received $15,000  in city grants:

“Hopefully we would strengthen everybody’s response to climate action, whether you’re going to plant a tree in your backyard or you’re going to eat more tofu,” said Mike Mattos, president of the Mount Dennis Community Association and member of the Mount Dennis Eco-Neighbourhood Initiative.

“Whatever it is you decide to do, we should be bringing resources to help people make the changes in their lives.”

On March 2, Frances Nunziata’s office will be hosting an information session on construction coming to Weston Road betwen Lawrence and Humberview.

The city will be upgrading the sewer system on Weston and will be improving the intersections at St Phillip, Church, John, and Lawrence.

The planned work includes widened sidewalks and tactile plates, as well as new trees, planters, and permeable paving.

The meeting will be held in the Rockport Hall at Artscape Weston Common (34 John Street) from 6:30-8:30 PM. The meeting will be in an open house format with panels you can walk around and view with a presentation at 7 P


Shiny Bud open

I hadn’t been so nervous since the last time I bought a Playboy. Last night, I went to Shiny Bud, Weston’s only legal marijuana shop for the first time. I  worried that someone would see—how would I explain I was in it for the articles?

Of course, I needn’t have worried. It was quite nice.

The owners, Lolita, Richard, and Mike, were on the shop floor helping out  (I didn’t take pictures of the people, because I haven’t quite got over this legalization thing).

The space is bright and open, and the furnishings are lovely. It’s much like an eyewear store, or a fashion boutique, though only accessories are on display, not marijuana.

To order, you use a countertop iPad or speak to one of the employees. The product is brought out to the cashier’s counter, where payment is taken.

Richard told me that the prices aren’t the same as at the OCS. My cursory research says that Shiny Bud’s prices are generally a couple of bucks more than online—but only a couple, and you neither have to pay nor wait for shipping. (They also accept cash, unlike the OCS.)

Shiny Bud has only been open for four days; they expect to have an opening-day celebration in the next few weeks. They are at the south end of the Crossroads plaza, near the sushi place.


Wanted man: Samuel Smith

Samuel Smith is wanted by the police for an attack in Weston.

The police allege that Smith, 24, broke into an apartment near Oak and Weston Road and assaulted a woman he knew. He is wanted for attempted murder, aggravated assault, and other serious charges.

Smith is “6’2, 160-170 lbs, short black hair, brown eyes and has a scar on his left cheek.”