Profile of Marc Porlier, alleged arsonist

The Sun profiled Marc Porlier, the man allegedly behind the arson at St John the Evangelist Church. Porlier, the article says, was once an altar boy at the very church he tried to set fire to.

While the defence lawyer wouldn’t comment on any animosity her client may have had toward the church, she acknowledged bizarre videos Porlier posted online in recent years — all entitled “The Gospel according to Marc” — provide insight into his feelings on Catholicism.

In one video, Porlier explains he was “raised in a cult.”

“I’d like to say that I didn’t like being brainwashed, but as a kid I actually wanted to be a priest,” he says.

Local playwright nails it

GG-Award-nominated Donna-Michelle St Bernard, who lives in Mount Dennis, got a cracking review for her new play, Sound of the Beast, in the Globe and Mail.

Poetry has long had a major presence on stages at Canadian theatres; poets, less so. This may account for why Sound of the Beast, Donna-Michelle St. Bernard’s new performance at Theatre Passe Muraille, is so unusual and disarming. A certain distance we’re accustomed to at the theatre has disappeared. Here’s a poet; now listen.


Man wanted in STJE fire

Marc Porlier, 43, is wanted by police for setting the fire at St John the Evangelist church this morning.Marc Porlier, wanted

Porlier is from the area but has no fixed address. He has a history with police.

While the church will be closed for a few days, the damage is fairly minor, and nobody was harmed.

According to CityNews

Neil MacCarthy from the archdiocese of Toronto said church surveillance video clearly showed a man climbing up some fencing on an outside wall, breaking a window and throwing something through it.


Possible firebombing at STJE church

Jeremy Cohn from Global says that St John the Evangelist Church may have been firebombed this Easter Sunday. Police and Fire are investigating, and church services are closed. There were no injuries.