Nunziata’s office is hiring

A week after City Hall doubled its office budgets (after halving the number of councillors), Frances Nunziata’s office has posted a job.

Nunziata is looking for an Administrative and Communications Assistant, who will be managing community events, the councillor’s calendar, and her social media accounts.

The salary is between at $40 and $60,000 for a job that is, I’m am certain, quite intense.

Weston’s TD closures–all a misunderstanding! (Or explained.)

TD Bank has realized the error of its ways, they swear. No longer will the bank  be closing branches, like they did in Weston (twice). No, TD told the Globe and Mail last weekend, now they’re all about the customer. And this time they mean it.

(And I’m giving up beer. Tomorrow.)

TD has noticed, somewhat belatedly, that “human beings are social animals, and for some crucial interactions, nothing beats face-to-face meetings.”

“For customers, it’s not branches or digital,” says Teri Currie, TD’s head of Canadian retail banking. “It’s both.”

According to the press release Globe and Mail, TD was closing branches because they were investing in ‘fintech’. Now, though, “TD is emphasizing a reinvestment in its branches, one that is multifaceted. For one, the physical formats are changing – fewer tellers, more wealth advisers; less total square footage, but larger meeting rooms.”

And there’s the rub. These aren’t branches like we used to have–places where you might quickly cash a cheque or have your kids turn in the rolled-up coins they collected for the cadets.  There’s no profit in that, so you’ll have to wait in line.

These are branches where the leather-soled won’t have to share their green Naugahyde lounger with the steel-toed. And that explains why TD moved to Weston and Oak: the distance and architecture of the bank will discourage actual banking but encourage high-margin loans and investment. They didn’t move there and make banking hard in Weston. They moved there to make banking hard in Weston.

Banking can be this uncomfortable.


Killer gets $500 fine

Zivorad Simich will get a $500 fine for his part in an accident that killed Gary Sim, a bicyclist.

Simich turned right into a shopping mall just ahead of Gary Sim, who was riding on the sidewalk. Sim was seriously hurt, and died later in hospital. The Toronto Star covered the case.

Simich pleaded not guilty. He said he braked and signalled before turning, and couldn’t explain why he failed to see Sim either as he passed him or when he checked his mirror before making the turn. The court heard the van he was driving had no rear windows.

Gary Sim
From The Star

The NDP has introduced a bill that would increase penalties for drivers who injure vulnerable road users, such as bicyclists, pedestrians, police officers and construction workers.

The bill would put drivers on probation, force them to attend court to hear their sentences (they have been able to avoid hearing victim impact statements in the past), and do community service.

Missing people

The police are asking for your help in finding three missing Weston-area people.

Justice Reid, 15, was last seen on Friday, November 30, 2018, at 3 p.m., in the Jane Street and Lawrence Avenue West area.

She is described as 5’8”, 140 lbs., with an athletic build, hazel eyes and long black curly hair worn on top of her head in a bun. She was last seen wearing a ¾-length winter jacket, black tights, black/red/white ‘Jordan’ shoes, and carrying a turquoise coloured purse.

Police are concerned for her safety.

Teodros Negussie, 18, was last seem on Monday near the Jane Park Plaza at Alliance Avenue. He is  5’11’ with a slim build and short black hair.

Ziwen Wang, 19, was last seen Friday, November 30, 2018, at 8:30 a.m., in the Woodward Avenue and Queenslea Avenue area.

He is 5’10″ with a slim build and short black hair.

Police are concerned for his safety.

Weston CI Pool closed

Registration for City of Toronto winter programs is always tight, but it’s likely to get tighter.  There will be no swimming lessons or other aquatic programming at the Weston CI pool until next year.

The pool is closed for repairs until the spring of 2019.

Image from the city