Marijuana talk tonight at the Mount Dennis Library

The Mount Dennis Library will be hosting a talk tonight called “Not Your Grandad’s Weed: The Forensic Science of Cannabis”. The lecture starts at 7 and should last about an hour.

James Wigmore, an internationally recognized forensic toxicologist and published author who has appeared on CBC Radio Ontario Today, will present a one-hour lecture describing the various types of marijuana including edible cannabis, dabs, and their psychoactive effects and risks including Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome.


Upcoming events

Local community groups will be hosting two rounds of election debates. On October 3, school trustees will be meeting at the Mount Dennis Legion. On October 10, aspiring city councillors will debate.

The Weston Historical Society will be hosting a discussion of growing up in Weston with a guest speaker, Grace Boogers, on October 3. They will be meeting at the Village of Humber Heights Retirement Home.

Poll shows Nunziata far in the lead

Frances Nunziata has a huge lead in Ward 5, according to Mainstreet Research.  Nunziata is supported by about 40% of decided voters. Frank Di Diorgio, the other incumbent, trails her by 10%, and the new challengers, Lekan Olawoye (7%) and Chiara Padovani (4%), are far behind.

18% of decided voters will be supporting one of the other candidates, and 35% of voters have not yet decided whom they will vote for.


From Mainstreet Research
From Mainstreet Research

Mainstreet Research robo-called 593 residents on cell and landlines. The survey was not paid for by any candidate, party, or company; Mainstreet foot the bill.

“Caring for our Creek” event this Sunday

The Black Creek Alliance will be hosting “Caring for Our Creek” this Sunday, and everyone is invited to tour the channelized Black Creek, “discover the history and hear the dreams to restore nature, create trails, reduce flooding and bring beauty to this forgotten corner of our neighbourhood.”

Photo from the BCA

The municipal election candidates have been invited to attend.

The politics of water

The Toronto Community Housing building at 5 Bellevue went without water this weekend, and politicians were quick to respond. Frances Nunziata, Chiara Padovani, and Lekan Olawoye each had a role, and all of it played out on Twitter.

Padovani’s and Olawoye’s teams came with bottled water for angry residents, and Padovani called for the Lions’ Pool to be opened so people could shower.

Meanwhile, Frances Nunziata was working behind the scenes.

Our office was made aware of the situation at 5 Bellevue Crescent on Saturday and immediately contacted Toronto Community Housing (TCH) to ensure that water was being provided to residents, and that staff were onsite to assist vulnerable residents by bringing water to their units and checking on their well-being.

When it was stated yesterday that the water may not be back on until today, Councillor Nunziata contacted senior management from TCH to express the urgency in getting repairs made so that residents would have access to water. …

As a result of these actions, last night the water was up and running again, one day earlier than TCH had originally promised.

With respect to Ms. Padovani’s comments – Councillors do not have the authority to open a pool. That being said, if there was reason to believe the disruption to water service was going to last longer than it did, Councillor Nunziata would have contacted the appropriate staff to make arrangements. She has done this in the past

And her tweet was a zinger:

I love it. This round goes to Nunziata.

A great disturbance in the Force

I’m sorry that was taken off the air for a few days.

We pay a company to host our site, and that company had a major outage. Many, many sites were taken down, and great drama ensued. It was, apparently, caused by one person sending one ill-conceived typed command to the servers. When she or he pressed “Enter”, millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror, and were suddenly silenced.

Restoring the files has taken quite a bit of time.

I confess, I was just a touch worried that eight years of my life’s work writing had been deleted, but I’m glad to say that it appears that nothing was lost, and my hope of someday one-upping my wife by having my work archived by someone, somewhere, remains intact.

We are a bit behind on the news, however, and emails last week didn’t get sent out to our newsletter subscribers—sorry about that.

Remember all: backup early and backup often.