Daycamp available for kids out due to strike

If you’re in a bit of a pickle because of the teachers’ walkout planned for Thursday and Friday, hustle over to this Google form and sign your little ones up for the “West Toronto Solidarity Camp”. It’s organized by parents and community volunteers “in solidarity with our striking educators”.

The camp will be on Thursday, February 6 and Friday, February 7 at the Canadian Legion at 3591 Dundas St W. They’re asking for a suggested donation of $10 a day, but nobody will be turned away.

York Memorial’s future being debated

The future of York Memorial, which was destroyed in a fire in May of last year, was debated tonight by education trustees. The board is “going to start a process to look at enrollment and utilization”  Chris Tonks, the trustee, told  CityTV. CityTV says there are three possibilities:

  • Keeping things as they are, with York Memorial independent and the nearby George Harvey  continuing to operate well under capacity
  • Merging the two schools into George Harvey’s building
  • Constructing an all-new school

Yafet Tewelde, who ran to be York South–Weston’s MP, has created a petition to have the school rebuilt, among other requests.



Mati’s coffee is gone

Mati’s Coffee on Weston Road has closed. Mati’s opened in May of 2018, and the owners, Konjet and Derrge Tadewsa, had started their own business after working at Tim Hortons.

In a bitter (pun intended) twist, Tim Hortons opened a franchise earlier this month only steps away from Mati’s.

Konjet Tadewsa and her son receive a City of Toronto congratulatory diploma from Business Improvement Association Chair Masum Hossain on Saturday May, 26. Husband, Derrge and other family members were on hand to lend support.


A word about comments, again

A welcome to all!

I think it’s again time to draw everyone’s attention to a few rules we have.

We like discussion. However, we have a rule about what you can say (and what you can’t). It’s a loose rule, but loose rules, like pajamas, fit best. Our rule is this: if it wouldn’t be welcome at a dinner party, it’s not welcome on WestonWeb. So don’t be rude, crude, angry, or dumb. Don’t attack people. Discuss ideas.

If we see comments that break the dinner party rule, we delete them. We sometimes get more comments than we can keep up with, though, so if you see a comment that is not dinner-party friendly, please flag it with our newly (re)instituted “Report Comment” function. That will draw it to our attention.

About anonymity: We allow it, with reservations. I think the world would be a better place if we put our names to comments, so I encourage you to do so. I see, though, that the vast majority of people don’t. I think you have good reasons, which is why we haven’t made people sign up. If you disagree, though, I’m interested in hearing your point of view.

I understand that people will not always agree with the rules or our judgements. I hear cries of “Free Speech” and “Censorship” all the time. As always, my offer stands: if you would like to set up your own blog, send me an email. I’d be glad to help. Really!