COVID this week

No regular readers will be surprised to hear that COVID continues to spread in Weston. The pace is increasing, too.

In the past 21 days, there have been 94 cases, up from 82 last week.

Per capita, we have the second-worst spread in the city, behind Cabbagetown-South St James Town.

Church St to be surveyed for traffic calming

The city will survey residents of Church Street between Pine and Elm to see if they would like traffic calming islands that project a bit from the curb.

To get the islands, the city requires 50%+1 of residents to respond, and 60% to approve the calming.

A traffic survey found that 15% of traffic on Church went faster than 55km/h (the limit is 30). Three percent of drivers were going more than double the legal limit.

Police seeking help identifying man

The police are asking for the public’s help identifying a man found in the Weston and Denison area.

He is described as White, with long grey and black hair, a full grey beard and thick dark eyebrows. He has tattoos of a unicorn on his upper left side of chest, a bear on left shoulder and a dragon on his right forearm.

He was found wearing a black jacket, a red shirt, blue jeans, and black and orange shoes. He was carrying a black bag.

COVID cases continue to climb

In the past 21 days, there have been 82 COVID cases in Weston, 6 of which were in institutional care homes.

From the city

Two weeks ago, there had been 51 cases in the preceding 21 days, and the upward trajectory had flattened. That is no longer the case.

The disease is spreading faster here than in most of the city. We have had 456 new cases per 100,000 people in the past 21 days, a rate more than twenty times higher than the least-affected areas.

Over the course of the pandemic, Weston has had far more cases of COVID per capita than any other part of the city. About 3% of Westonians have tested positive.