Mid-Humber Gap meeting

There’s been a lot of exciting news in Weston lately, and here’s one project I’m particularly thrilled about: The Mid-Humber Gap multi-use recreational trail project.

As a cyclist, in a community with rich cycling history (Weston was the home of CCM Bicycles), and with growing cycling enthusiasm among neighbours, this project can’t come soon enough. And this project isn’t just for cyclists… it’s for everyone who walks, jogs, wheels their way along the banks of the Humber River.

The first public consultation event will be held virtually on June 10th from 6:30-8:30pm, registration required. Participants should visit the project web page or this link to register.

Fixing the gap ought to create a seamless journey from the current north end staircase of the trail (near Weston & St Phillips) to Jane Crawford Memorial Park (about 1 block west of the Real Canadian Superstore). And it could be a lasting legacy to this community and everyone who lives near the Humber River trails. It will make our green spaces more accessible and provide affordable transportation options for generations.

Alley 1804?

Can this forgotten alley be transformed into a vital and thriving space for Weston?

That’s the goal of Harley Valentine, a renowned sculpture artist familiar with re-imagining public spaces.

Harley is also a managing partner at Castlepoint Numa, the developer working with the Weston Park Baptist Church to re-imagine the corner at Weston and Lawrence Ave.

When I heard he was all excited about an alley at 1804 Weston Rd, next to the new Frontlines location, I had to find out why. Harley explained, “I want to deliver maximum community benefit from Weston’s unexpected and forgotten spaces.” He went on to say that he hopes to inspire others to see potential in the smallest opportunities.

So, what could happen at the Alley 1804? (That’s my name for it, let’s see if it sticks)

He’s working with community leaders, youth, and neighbourhood officers from Division 12 to create a space where Frontline’s youth programs could expand.

And, it could also be a performance space, an outdoor patio for local food outlets, or a gallery for Weston’s artists. Harley’s list of ideas is endless. Safety will be paramount; the location would be gated after-hours. But imagine a space filled with energy, creativity, engaging art, twinkle lights and laughter?

I’m looking forward to seeing Harley Valentine’s magic at work! His enthusiasm for Weston is enough to inspire any community. I’m happy to hear he’s fallen in love with Weston.

Weston Artists’ Good Food Market

From humble beginnings great things are possible.

That’s my take on the launch of the Weston Artists Good Food Market at the Weston Common.

This exciting weekly summer event is focused on making fresh produce accessible to our community, at cost. One neighbour was so surprised when her large bag of produce came to $3.75, that she handed over a $5 bill and asked if she could just donate her change to the cause.

Philip Sutherland, the organizer, said the fresh fruit is popular—fresh raspberries, blueberries, and mangoes went fast. (They’ll have more next week.) He added that the Artists’ booth was postponed due to windy conditions, but it’ll be back soon. And he hopes to hear from more local artists, bakers, butchers, chefs and cooks who want to be a part of the Wednesday market.

But there’s more to this event than affordable produce. It’s organized by a few of the artists living in our community. They have brought their friends from Collective Arts Brewing along, selling some of the most original craft beer, sparkling teas, cider, and bitters I’ve ever seen.

The labels are adorned with literal art from unknown and emerging artists. The two staffing the booth were thrilled to be discovering Weston, “all the neighbours are so friendly and happy to see us…and we’re busier here than we are at our other two markets.” They’ve applied to be a part of the Weston Farmers’ Market starting Saturday June 5th.

This event is organized by the West Toronto Photography Club and sponsors like Access Community Capital Fund (a non-profit that makes small loans for people with big ideas).

The Artists’ Market is every Wednesday from 3pm–6pm until September 1st.

“This is Weston’s Moment”

Do you remember a time when Weston had neighbourhood police ‘walking the beat’? These officers stayed in the community, and they were friendly and familiar. They got to know residents, shopkeepers, faith groups, the youth (by name), and those struggling or needing help. The best of these officers earned immense trust, got involved, supported local initiatives that helped keep everyone safe. 

Then again, maybe such a time never really existed?  Perhaps now?

Toronto Police’s Neighbourhood Community Officer (NCO) program is now in Weston, and its vision for policing is almost reminiscent of a bygone era.

Constable Alex Benyi is one of four dedicated Division 12 officers who recently made a four-year commitment to be Weston’s new Community Officers. And he’s thrilled to be in this role. He knows Weston, and he’s watched it grow during his last ten years in policing. “This is Weston’s moment,” he says excitedly, referencing the influx of transit, new small businesses, new families, new Canadians—the diversity of the neighbourhood and our community spirit.

Alex was born in Romania and came to Canada in 1992 as a landed immigrant. Soon he was a Tennis Canada High-Performance Coach and on the ski patrol. He started his family and had his own small business; he brings life experience to policing that helps him relate.

When asked about how he wants to get involved in the community, he says, “I’ve always been invested in Division 12 neighbourhoods and Weston in particular because of the large Hungarian/Roma community. I know the culture, and I speak the language.” He adds that he wants to be a part of a tennis program with the Weston York Tennis facility; he knows the local pro. He cycles too and hopes to enjoy the trails with others from Weston. 

His passion is easy to see: “I want to continue to learn about this community and improve. For me, every day I come to work is a day where I want to feel I made a difference for someone or someplace.” He adds: “We have so many resources to help the community; we want to work with community partners and leaders to bring the best of these to Weston.” Here he is referencing crime prevention programs, gang exit strategy, victim services, help in domestic disputes, youth engagement, etc. 

He adds: “We know it takes time, involvement, and goodwill to earn a community’s trust; it’s not automatic. We hope Weston will help us build this together.”


His partner is 24-year police veteran Constable Cherry Atkins.  Look for them helping at the food bank or visiting the Farmers’ Market when it starts up soon.  Alex and Cherry work 7-day shifts, 11-hour days, for a whole week.  On Thursdays, they swap out with the other two officers in the program, who become our community officer ambassadors for the week – Constables Brian Davy and Colin Patrick (filling in for Constable M. Dosanjh for the first few months).

An AMAZING new market has arrived in Weston Village.

This week I was invited to the opening of Amazing Mart – a family-run African/Canadian produce and grocery mart in the heart of Weston.
It was a pleasure to welcome the owners, Stewart, Mabel and their four children, who recently settled here from Nigeria. I was delighted to learn that the store has a namesake, their youngest daughter, ‘Amazing.’

They have experience in food retail/wholesale back home, specializing in various organic ingredients and delicacies. They are proud to be importing a selection of these and offering them in their store. You will find organic whole wheat flour, plantain flour, yam powder, specialty rice, nuts, spices, and the more exotic African-fare—abchi, ugbo, obgono, egusi, and more in the organic section. Mabel hopes people will be curious and ask about their African organic line.

There is fresh produce, much needed in Weston, and it will grow four-fold as new shelving arrives in the coming month. And there are Canadian breakfast cereals, beverages, and baking ingredients. It is early days, so know that there will be much more available in the coming months.

Stewart was enormously proud of the value they are offering; he has done a lot of comparison shopping since arriving in Canada and is excited to provide quality ingredients at low prices.

He and Mabel are so excited to be in Weston. “We want to be a blessing to the community,” says Stewart. “Weston is a place we are all equal. We want to help make this community great!”

As new Weston takes shape, this Amazing little Mart will be growing before our very eyes. I do hope you will stop in to say hi to Stewart, Mabel and family.

Jason Doolan, Mabel, their 4 kids, Stewart, and Harley Valentine (Castlepoint Numa – owner of the former TD Bank building).