Awesome week in Weston

Boy, it was a cracking week in Weston.

The June Fair was a huge success. The weather was perfect, and hundreds of people turned out. There were bouncy castles, hamburgers from Zeal Burger, and great games and prizes. On a melancholy note, both Ms Madarasz and Ms Sestito announced their retirements.

The Queens’ Drive (and neighbourhood) annual garage sale was awesome, as usual, today.

William selling the best lemonade on Queens Drive.
Cherri and Leslie on King, raising money for the Weston Historical Society

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

6 thoughts on “Awesome week in Weston”

  1. Add to that..

    A stunningly colourful transformation over these past few days, and getting better by the moment.

    Artists are painting their wall murals under the Lawrence Ave. West underpass bridge between
    Ralph Street and South Station, on both sides.

    Eye popping!
    Go see it.

  2. very diverse crowd at Weston Memo…YA RIGHT?
    Why are Pelmo and Weston Memo not merged into one brand new school???????

  3. With the Queens Drive street sale having expanded to John and King streets, the $6 per household must have been really added up. I wonder how much was raised and provided to the Weston Heritage Society???

      1. Good question. It’s $17 for the Toronto Star ad, then photo copies for post signs, and I believe thebanners are reused each year. Weston Web, time for investigative journalism!

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