Bad month for businesses in Weston

Over the past few weeks, three establishments in Weston have shut or moved on.

Artcube, the weird gallery at St Phillips and Weston Rd, has closed. Donnie Kim, the proprietor, says that he has changed focus to Asian antiques and art, and is looking to either sell the building or turn it into shared studio space.

Furniture Toronto, on Oak St near the Superstore, has also closed. Shockingly, the snooty proprietors had  a hard time selling high-end Italian furniture with bad service.

Finally, the Canada Post depot on Weston Road has moved to 66 Ray Avenue, at Weston and Jane, as part of a consolidation. Eugene, the nice PR person I spoke to, did not know what would become of the building. Earlier this year, Artscape floated the idea that it might become a community arts hub.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

5 thoughts on “Bad month for businesses in Weston”

  1. has moved to Kipling Avenue. I have actually purchased a few items from them. There are a couple of sales people who are rather snooty, however, my overall experience with the store was good. I found that the prices were always much cheaper than you would find the exact same item for down on King East and they would always give me a further discount because I lived in the area. Two times my merchandise was defective, by no fault of the store and they had replacements for me right away.

  2. Yes Adam, you are right. They opened the location on Kipling about a year ago wiith the intention of closing the Oak Street location. (at least that is my understanding)

  3. a few weeks ago, i saw that furniture toronto had a sheriff’s eviction notice posted on a window. the property is currently listed for sale:

    the ward broome building on the same block is also for sale:

    i bet that a developer will buy the whole block and knock it down, probably build crappy townhouses. sad.

    the artcube property is also listed for sale:

    as for the post office in weston, does anyone know what will happen to the weston federal building now that canada post moved? i hope it gets preserved. that is a beautiful building. it would be a big loss to lose it.

  4. anon,

    I was thinking exactly the same thing about that corner at Weston Road and Oak Street. All that is left is that lone house on the corner and the auto glass shop, I am sure they will be approached to sell.

    We can only hope that something decent gets built there.

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