Ball in Premier’s Court

Councillor Nunziata’s motion that City Council recommend electrification and at least eight additional stops along the Airport Rail Link survived a two-thirds majority referral hurdle and then passed easily.

Who knows, perhaps Andrea Horvath or Tim Hudak can make it a condition of propping up the Provincial Liberal Government as they try to survive the Budget vote. Stranger things can happen in minority government situations.

The ball is now in the Premer’s court. He’s on record as criticizing Tim Hudak for not respecting the will of Council. Now let’s see if he can take his own advice.


According to the Toronto Star, Metrolinx wasted no time in squelching any hopes for an early change from diesel to electric or additional stations along the way. No doubt Mike Sullivan will have some choice words at his Community Update Thursday April 12 at theĀ Learning Enrichment Foundation, 1267 Weston Rd between 6:30 and 9pm.

6 thoughts on “Ball in Premier’s Court”

  1. Oh this makes me so mad. If I was in charged I would put the their diesel AIRLink & commuter GO trains down 427 and out of the neighborhoods all together! Metorlinx’s business plan was and still is premium fare express trains for frequent business travelers only. They only put that Weston stop to appeased residents (and looks like Laura’s reelection too) it will probably close after Pam Am games. I agree that there needs to be a subway or LRT instead which could have local or express trains too. Then maybe connect or continue at Dundas West with a DRL. What really makes me mad the province is spending cash on extending the Spadina subway (underground too) to Hwy 7 to a Walmart! What they gave us? Diesel trains!? Yeah I wish Andrea and Tim would kick Dalton’s rear end on this issue.. Didn’t Tim say he wants subways!? The problem is this issue hasn’t made headlines even during the election and still the online comments from the major newspapers you read that many still is accusing local residents as NIMBYs which is not true of course!

  2. i hope there’s an election in may and i hope the citizens of weston send a strong message and vote out the do-nothing laura albanese.
    by voting liberal, we keep telling the province that we don’t want affordable rapid transit and that we’re okay with the neglect we get.

  3. And now the province has said “not on your life” to new stops, and you can bet Frances will be touting her too-late support of stops to make her next election bid.

    Sick is right.

  4. “Pass the buck” Laura is at it again. Laura is trying to blame our MP Mike Sullivan for the failure of the electrification of the ARL Line.
    This is extremely upsetting and is a clear indication that Laura has no idea as to what she is doing.
    I demand she resign.

  5. Albanese is as useless as tits on a bull. Unless she is being pumped and primed by her handlers, she cannot articulate an original thought. And her staff are as incompetent as she is. Unprofessional and cannot even address an envelope properly and send out. I had almost wished that we were going into another election — that would have been fun catching her in more lies.

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