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The Weston Village BIA has posted an update on the Gaeta Farms expulsion. It isn’t particularly revealing of their side of the story, but it does say they are working hard to ensure a “successful market upon our return to John Street for the 2020 season.”

While trying to maintain the integrity and professionalism of the market, as well as the confidentiality of the Gaeta family, there have been several issues which have not been resolved, and in fact have escalated in recent weeks. We feel it is in the best interest of the Market as a whole, the Weston community and the BIA to discontinue our relationship.

We ask for your patience and trust during this difficult time. We assure you we are working very hard to ensure we have a professional, successful market upon our return to John Street for the 2020 season.

I tried earlier this week to reach Frances Nunziata and the BIA for comment, but I haven’t yet heard back.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

9 thoughts on “BIA posts update”

  1. I just asked this in the previous thread, but might make more sense to ask here.

    Who is the BIA?
    Not “what is” – I know what it is meant to do.

    Considering so much of this is due to their decision, it would be nice to know more. Presently, I’m picturing a bunch of distorted shadows behind podiums. I’m curious if the public will ever find out what really went down with this, or if the only access will be slick spin.

    The BIA website offers zero information on who they are. Is that standard for BIA’s, and am I being too suspicious?

    Just seems strange from a transparency perspective.

    1. Hey Sweeney. The BIA is a creature of the city. The Councillor sits on the board and they wouldn’t do anything without her OK. Start with her. Based on my experience as a past member, the chairman is her puppet. And the other directors are too busy trying to keep their businesses afloat to much care. It’s a sad-state of affairs.

  2. What a sad day for Weston. This was a terrible way to treat a family who fed the community for decades. I called both the BIA and Nunziata, both of whom told me they had no details and could do nothing to help. The worker I spoke with at the BIA would only say it wasn’t her call and she would not tell me names of any of the board members. Pathetic.

    1. Masum Hossain is the chair of the BIA and the market manager. I’m pretty Sure he draws a salary for the market. He had a business on Weston – a discount store that burned down several years ago – that isn’t operating now so I’m not sure why he continues in his role. But like I said, ask anybody and they’ll tell you the councillor is the real boss

  3. So let’s all vote to get her out next time. Change one part of the equation and the answer will change. All her favourites are either her puppets or advisor. It’s their person as l interests that are put forward, not the interests of the community. I thought whomever was part of the BIA should be known to all of us. It should not be anonymous. I agree that only business owners should be part of it. Why is Masum Hossain the chair?

    1. Good points and an absentee chair for the BIA? Like our absentee Councillor. Get them both gone.

  4. I went to the market this Sat to see Joe and was shocked his family was no longer attending the market. I asked a few vendors what happened, and they said the BIA kicked him out. I got the impression the vendors weren’t happy about it and to call the BIA to voice my concerns. My neighbor told me the story was online which brought me to this site. I wonder if kicking out Joe has anything to do with an incident I witnessed a couple of weeks ago.  I was at Joe’s stall picking out corn and had overheard a conversation between Joe and this guy. The man was talking about the new market location and to sign the letter. Kept saying “sign the letter, sign the letter”. This man was bullying Joe to sign this letter, the guy wouldn’t let up. I thought to myself what an ass**ole. I could see Joe getting annoyed and he said ” Im not signing anything until I see my stalls” and he walked away. I asked the young girl who came to help me bag the corn, who that guy was and she said “thats the chairman of the BIA, he loves to bug Joe when were busy” I was appalled at the chairman’s behaviour and truly felt bad for Joe. Come back from vacation and Joe’s gone. If that’s how our chairman of Weston conducts himself in public with bullying no wonder why Weston is failing.  

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