7 thoughts on “BIA surveying residents”

  1. I would be tempted to shop in Weston if there were any stores worth shopping in. I do not use money/cash loan establishments and also avoid the Dollar Store.
    We lost the bakery, the jewellery store, the shoe store, and many others.
    I do not know how to entice nice retailers back, Even a nice fruit/produce store would help.

  2. survey….survey of what??? there is nothing on weston rd..no masterplan….you go junction, blood…anywhere else they have/had a plan…every condo that’s planned in weston should have retail at the bottom….the BIA is a joke…oh but we can all expect to get a tongue lashing from Worker Bee..about lol…

  3. How can we trust the BIA to run anything – when they run a Farmer’s Market that has virtually NO FARMERS – everything that used to bring people to Weston has been discarded

    1. so true i was disgusted by what i saw when i went to the farmers market….even other vendors were like where are the farmers….a total disgrace.

  4. How ‘bout this one, arguably the most important one of all – no matter where you may consider “shopping or dining”..

    Especially, after dusk.

    Where the “less than good guys” (of all stripes, in fairness) come out to “play” undercover of the night & costumes.

    And, have the opposing law enforcement types working overtime – just like herding cats.

    Ever feel uncomfortable deciding to get a little exercise and walk into town to pickup:

    – a nice burger at Zeal’s?
    – a lovely Mediterranean meal from P&M’s?
    – how ‘bout at pie at Pizza Pizza?
    – maybe fried chicken, at Popeye’s or Church’s?
    – fish & chips at Suncrisp?
    – coffee & sweet treats?
    – knickknacks, at the Squibb’s (or the Dollar Store)?
    – or for some “fashionable evening wear” at the Honey Drip? (And say, what goes on behind those black curtains?? Are they ever “open”? Or are they, never “closed”?)

    (Maybe they’re just doing “laundry”.)

    In any case, I bet it’s been a while I bet since you had that charming walk into our lovely, historic town – as we did early, last night thinking, how ‘bout a Zeal Burger & fries!??


    Well, we got those meals to go.

    And then, carefully & uncomfortably made our way home. And, couldn’t help but notice the undercover “good guys” attending to the undercover of the night, “bad guys”.

    Security, please. And maybe then, your “Farmer’s Market” types will return, in droves -with others following.

    (* pretty good burgers & fries, though!)

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